Thursday, January 28, 2010

childish gambino: i am just a rapper.

holy smokes, y'all. this kid raps over indie songs, such as grizzly bear, sleigh bells and animal collective... and the new VAMPIRE WEEKEND (my. head. just. exploded.).to make matters more amazing, mr. childish gambino has his album (i am just a rapper) available for FREE download. what the WHAT? you can download the album here or here or by clicking the thingy below. this is my first attempt at blogging something like this, so you might need to try both links to get it straight.

{mucho gracias to my amiga jill in socal}

UPDATE: as it turns out, this guy is not just a rapper, but also fairly well-know actor donald glover, most notably from derrick comedy and nbc's community (as troy). thanks alex.

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brad said...

he is no mingering mike, thats fo' sho'.