Saturday, September 11, 2010


i love me some converse, but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THESE DAYS? if at all possible, i would like to show up in this outfit somewhere. just to see the look on people's faces. or this one.

{ciara and willow smith, via}

the flaming lips, more flaming-er.

i'm sure cally has already seen this, but just in case... the flaming lips, covering borderline, by madonna. kind of a slow starter, but extremely awesome. and since most of my friends are FL fans, this will hopefully be a crowd-pleaser.

The flaming lips Borderline
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Friday, September 10, 2010

cycle nation takes paris, parts one and two.

remember that time i said i was going to london and paris? i have really blown the pooch with my photo and memory sharing via this blog, but please watch and enjoy the videos below as a small consolation. mad cinematography props to mizz audrey moore-johnson, international maven of style and bicycle-riding.

jason schwarzman is in coconut records?

le what? jason schwartzman might be the most interesting person alive. according to his wikipedia, he was also in a band called phantom planet. i have all their albums, yet never knew he was in that band. i blame audrey, since i'm pretty sure i snagged those cd's, or at least copied them, during our commie china roommate days. ALSO, jschwartz is a cousin to sofia coppola. so there you go.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i used to tell myself that, although my dogs are complete assholes, they are still not the worst dogs i've ever met, and are actually somewhat smart. USED TO. as of now, my dogs are completely, utterly worthless, because this golden retriever is the Smartest. Dog. Alive. someone needs to give him (or her) a lifetime supply of greenies and a reality television program.


dear anthropolgie-

please remove all text and sales gimmicks from this advert, and just sell it as a picture. how you were able to distort the loveliest photo in the world is beyond me.


ps-I LOVE HORSES. as you may note from the book selection below, i am actually crazy about horses. why else would i have the poster book?