Thursday, December 23, 2010

balls to the wall.

look at this smeary magenta wall! i like it. i also like how they must have been all, one gallon of paint and a quart of paint thinner will be PLENTY, thanks.
{via designlovefest.}

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

spindle fabric is the new cole & sons woods.

i was getting pretty jazzed to use this new 36-24-36 spindle fabric from christopher farr cloth, but M'GOODNESS. now i can't, just on principle... which is truly a shame, because although adorable, it is turning up (pun fully intended) everywhere. a trifecta of awesome (whimsical graphic pattern, CHECK. linen, CHECK. available in several great colorways, CHECK.), it clearly looks fantastic anywhere.

like celerie kemble's nyc swagger pimp loft, via lonny mag:
or this cute wing chair from (shocker) anthropologie:
or this adorable headboard and bedding from darryl gordon design:
or THE LATEST, fancy london home of colette van den thillart, via nero chronicles & canadian house & home:i should of course clarify that i have cole and sons woods wallpaper in my guest bedroom. like every other person in the world, i couldn't resist.

Friday, December 10, 2010

baby mooses! playing in a sprinkler!

oh my heavens, angels and stars. for those of you who enjoyed ZONKIES!, squirrels or dik-dik, you will really love trying not to get emotional over this. if i'd been in anchorage, alaska on this magical day in june 2008, i would have bawled my giant head off. which reminds me, alison krauss- you say it best when you are singing it.

le colours.

aside from almost dying on a bicycle during my magical trip to paris this summer, i was supremely inspired by the city's exterior palette. i may have le exasperated my gracious hosts with all my time-outs to take photos of exciting subject material like WALLS and DOORS, but the colo(u)rs were quite lovely. the parisian initiative to paint front doors blue must have been received very well, because you can't swing a petite chat mort in that town without hitting one.this started out as a 'that time i was in london and paris' post, so i should clarify that photo numero uno is of london. also, my gracious hosts, aka TPJ and audrey (also known as sweat pant, sweaty pants, business suit and no nonsense johnson) are in the chanel photo. thanks again, pals. as sting so wisely claimed, the bed is far too big without you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

klaus haapaniemi.

i have been hooked on and mesmerized by finnish illustrator/decorator klaus haapaniemi for quite some time, but after i first saw his line of taika (which means magic) dishes for iittala*, i moved into full-on stalker mode. i would love to know what happens in this adult male's brains to generate such beautifully odd, whimsical pieces, but i think it's safe to say that if you're from the same country as jolly ol' saint nick (and uh, named after him), you might just be magical and young at heart forever. dear (santa) klaus-i'm not even sure if it already exists, but could you please turn these trippy little unicorns and owls into some silky fabrics by-the-yard, which i will then have made into a dress? meeee-yow. love, kristina. ps to audrey-this little nugget looks EXACTLY like our other finnish crush, tomi, and they both live in london. *which i stored in my memory bank and then later registered for and now they are MININNNENE!! here's a gratuitous shot of my dishes, which i love. you are invited over to sup together, internet friends, as long as you don't mind me staring at my plate for awhile.

{if you need more klaus, and i'm sure you do, go here or here.}

it's like the most comfortable hug ever.

according to urban outfitters:

It's a blanket AND an oversized, cozy poncho sure to keep you warm no matter what you're doing. Snuggle up in the Booty Buddy, with a super soft fleece lining and allover Southwestern-style print. Topped with an oversized hood, it's like the most comfortable hug ever.

thoughts? {camp blanket booty buddy and penguin booty buddy by urban outfitters.}

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

go ask alice.

it's officially the holidays, so parties are THICK these days. even though i nevereverever wear red (combined with my hooker blonde 'do and unfortunate ruddy complexion, it makes me look like cheap trailer snatch), i think i might temporarily suspend my policy if it meant rolling up in this ghana beaded crepe party dress, courtesy of ALICE by temperley. i should mention that it would have to be worn with some opaque tights, because even during christmas/kwanzaa/chanukah/other, nobody wants to see your piece on earth.

getting nailed.

a quick lap around le desktop reveals that i am really jonesing for some hottt stud action these days. bah-dum-bum CHING. dios mio. anyway, nailheads: things i like. {i've unfortunately misplaced the source for some of these images (i'm such a hoe-bag), such as 1&2; 3-michael berman tangier hassocks; 4-mystery chair; 5-ferguson copeland hair-on-hide sanibel chest; 5, 6, 7-nickey kehoe interiors closet (le yum); 8-jamie drake interiors.}