Friday, November 26, 2010

purses i don't need.

but tottttallalllaay want, because i am greedy, y'all. after all, it is black friday. i should mention that instead of going out and doing my duty to keep our commerce pumping, i have elected to stay (at my brother's) home (in kansas) and save my dollars (as well as spend time with my adorable sister-in-law). i should also mention that i am on a bit of a kate spade kick, still thanks in part to that sweater rachel berry wore on glee last season, as well as a saddle bag kick, as well as an animals-on-my-purses kick. after all, i am currently galavanting about town with this whimsical purebred tote from anthro: so ENJOY! kick.{kate spade KENESSA (no points deducted for stupidest name ever, k. spade, but w a t c h i t. i will grant a one-time pardon because this bag is a peacock tailfeather replica, and thus stupid awesome.)}
{hobo international ABOVE BOARD in aubergine summit leather, natch.}
{kate spade LARABEE DOT NEDA WALLET. i actually do need this one. b-rad, as we have a shared bank account, either you can purchase it, or i can, but}
{marc jacobs PEDAL TO THE METAL FLAP POUCHETTE. this sucker is small and perf for a concert.}
--sidenote to b-rad: my new larabee bird wallet would look pretty dreamy in that hobo bag, wouldn't it? i'm just sayin. --end sidenote.

nerd alert: harry potter rap battle.

in kansas, we try to go see at least one movie as a family. it's tough to find one movie that 18 people can agree upon that is both interesting and not rated R*.... which is why we're seeing harry potter (aka HPATDH: P1) tonight. sidenote--sweaty pants, i totally promise that i will see this again when you get here from singapore. maybe we can even see it twice.--end sidenote. but for now, i'm geeking out to this wizard rap battle... slow to start, but ver. hilar. also, you can read the lyrics in the info section of this youtube video, but i totally cutted and pasted them below, because i can do what i want.*because sitting in the 2nd row between my parents while we suffer through gratuitous coitus scenes from cold mountain is not anything any of us want to ever do again. ever.

ps-if you are like, a HUGE NERD (and trust me, there is no judgement here) you can download the mp3 for frees right here.

ps again-if you are as big a nerd as i am, you probably heard of these guys a long time ago, but in case you hadn't, you should check out harry and the potters.

Voldemort #1:
I'm the darkest dark wizard in all of history,
I'll slay your ass out like Cedric Diggory.
With a wave of my finger Ill put you on the floor
You's a punk ass little kid without Dumbeldore,
I'm the best wizard rapper you ever will see,
you're a peewee witch midget with a dead mommy.
I've got multiple souls and can raise the dead
If you think you can win then you've been sorely misled

Harry #1
You's a big bald fairy, you think I'm scared of you
I smoked basilisk and I'll smoke you too.
I got witches in class I got witches in the halls
If you look under my cloak, you'll see my Hagrid size balls.
I win at wizard duels, I win at wizard chess,
Got platinum coated DUBS on my Hogwart's Express
You can't touch me son, I drive magic cars
I dish out big hurt you just pass out little scars!

Voldemort #2
Poor little Harry, you're such darling lad.
Do you miss you uncle? Your Mom? Your Dad?
Oh that's right I killed em, you're little owl too.
All your friends are next, I'll cut right through your crew.
You look like Marcy from Peanuts and your wand is tiny
Is that why you couldn't close the deal with Hermoine?
My boyz are called death eaters, they're black magic studs
They'll make you disappear, they don't care for mudbloods
You can never find me, it's like trying to catch smoke
You hide from me with your punk ass cloak.
You think your invisible, but I can see through that!
I'll run up with my wand and go RATA TAT TAT

Harry #2
Say it don't spray it your breath smells like a grave
Your teeth look like tombstones and your nose is concave
Your head looks like a golf ball your face looks like a lizard
Here's the toll free number for the hair club for wizards
The toughest gang around is Gryffindor crew,
wizards drive by's is what we do
When dementors try to ice me I step right up and own em
I crack a butter beer and say "Expecto Patronum"!

Song written by Mark Douglas & Erik Beck

panton (not pantonE).

i am on what would now appear to be a never-ending hunt for a new dining table and chairs. they're like my own little red october... elusive and tricky, sans the connery. although i've purchased hundreds of chair/table combos for clients, this will be my first foray into the world of grown-up furniture for personal use, so i am super hesitant to muck it up. i'm also hesitant to make any decision whatsoever, for fear that something new or better will be introduced, and i've heard this is a somewhat common problem amongst interior designers. maybe we should start a support group? anyway, for reasons unbeknownst to me, i have forever wanted some white panton chairs. i started with the panton chairs idea, and then i considered everythingelseintheworld, and now i'm back on the panton. customized panton, mind you, like these dizzying religious ones that first started my obsession several years ago. we all saw them, but take another look at st. bartholomew's church in eastern bohemia by czech designer maxim velcovsky... now, i'm thinking some sort of table, plus panton chairs, which i am on the fence about possibly laser-engraving. aforementioned table deffo can't get too contemporary or these chairs won't work in my flea market chic dumpster of a living room, so maybe some sort of rustic-y slab or updated trestle? iiiiiiiiiiiii know. MOST ORIGINAL IDEA EVER, right? but seriously. i keep it weird with the other things going on in this house, so the table can't be playing left field. one of these days (probably the seventh of never) i'll post some pics of the room's other components, in case you really are dying to see how the W-L's live. for now, marinate over these fancy images i google image searched.
{more on st. b's magic church here. other images via sally wheat interiors, gabriel ross, thirteen and south and the selby.}

Thursday, November 25, 2010

gobble gobble.

happy thanksgiving, bitches! i'm in kansas, doing my darndest not to get into a fight with my sisters. wish me luck. gobble gobble!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

anne kyyrö quinn.

we ordered some anne kyyrö quinn pillows for a client recently, and i've been obsessing over her textiles ever since. AKQ's three-dimensional transformation of felt is impressive, to say the least. i totally need some tulip wall panels and at least one of her lola ottomans. you know, for the cats to ruin.(and while i'm at it, bradshaw, i wouldn't mind a few rolls of that kate ridder oiseau wallpaper. LE YUM. )
{anne kyrrö quinn available to the trade through scott + cooner.}

love sparklers.

well this is adorable. you know, if you're like, getting married or something. and have sparklers.
{via jhenderson studios.}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

girl talk: all day.

no, not the kind of girl talk that involves tickle panty fights. this kind. i highly recommend you download the newest album, because it is fah-ree, y'all. GET. IT. HERE. also, many apologies for not having it on here sooner. i've got a major case of the sicks, after fighting an intense germ warfare battle at my office (and losing). for the record, if you are just the teensiest bit sick, STAAAAAAY HOME. do not go in public and thusly spread the sadness of whatever illness that is ailing you. and for pete's sake, don't get me sick, because it makes me super grumpy.
{girl talk: all day available for free download here; muchos danke, c-bait.}

april showers in months other than april.

every year around this time, i forget that winter in houston generally means two months of rain, interspersed with about two weeks of really cold weather. which is why a gal needs lots of umbrellies.{MODCLOTH}{TOPSHOP}{FARFETCH}{MODCLOTH}{MODCLOTH-and this one is perfect for space city!}

Monday, November 22, 2010

JA in Space City.

Guess who I had the pleasure of meeting last week? I can honestly say the Jonathan Adler is one of the nicest, tiniest, adorable little strangers I've ever met. On top of that, he's quite the conversationalist.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone.

Friday, November 19, 2010

gypsy maturin.

i was in LA for work (not recently, but i'm just getting around to mentioning it) and did some shopping on la cienega one day (mainly just to stalk around for kelly wearstler), where i stumbled upon a pretty rad-tastic line of rugs: the gypsy/maturin. made of all natural materials and hand-embellished... they pretty much blew my doors off. the peacock one is technically too 3-D to use as anything other than a wall hanging and the sparrow one is a little too trendy, but the mohair and horsehair kilim is just lovely. i think they're really on to something, so i'll allow it. i should mention that on this particular trip to LA, i did actually run into kelly wearstler while i was at the avalon (totally stalking), but didn't recognize her at first, as she was not wearing a flowerpot on her head. aw, just jokes, fellow kw!

{learn more about the gypsies here. carried at woven accents on la cienega b-l-v-d.}

Thursday, November 18, 2010

cape town.

brrrr. it up an' got a bit cold in space city, so that, plus emma thompson's coat in pirate radio (which b-rad, of all people, showed me this weekend), plus this insanity has caused me to jump off the deep end on a project that i will likely start and not finish: SEWING MY OWN WOOL CAPE. after all, i have a serger, which is proof that i am extremely serious, if somewhat inefficient, at sewing my own clothes. i've also made no effort to hide my deep and abiding love for all things cape (plz refer to exhibits A and B and C). so i bought a cape pattern today. do note that it is of the Very Easy variety. fortunately, i was gifted with many yards of delicious winter-white wool, and i've never really known what to do with it (thanks again, michelle hanny's mom via my sister brandie). hear that, b-rad? that shit was FREE, so don't serve me up a poop sandwich by asking how much it cost. i should clarify that to date, i have successfully sewn not one, but three capes: one made of magic gold sequins (for a friend attending a phish concert), one that was RED AND MAROON SILK CHEVRONS (for thomas turner of the hot electronica band ghostland observatory) and one of beautiful, mustard-colored silk, ownership of which is still tbd. granted, these were all mainly costume and-slash-or joke capes. the good news is that i have some local seamstresses (seamstri?) in my back pocket that i can turn to in the event (and by event, i mean 'complete likelihood') that i decide to bail early. my swingin' pattern, emma T and a general cape round-up are featured below. stay tuned for future cape updates (capedates), but let's not hold our breath, mkay? wish me luck.ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: ANTHROPOLOGIE:PAUL AND JOE SISTER:JCREW: