Tuesday, December 27, 2011

stockholm syndrome.

i'm having a super swedish moment, having just read the dragon tattoo series over thanksgiving and then seeing the david fincher film version of the first book this weekend (RAPEY). plus i've always loved teddybears (and ABBA, but i will save that for another day).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i'm a giant (weirdo) update: boardwalk empire.

for those of you new to the the i'm a giant dollhouse-building challenge, you can update yourself on the haps here-1, here-2, here-3, here-4 and here-5. other than to recap the amazing progress i used to make on this thang, i have no exciting news to report, other than i am real close to done and at the same time, so completely lacking in motivation that i may never actually finish. i did muster the energy to pack all dollhouse items up and move them to the craft room, ending their occupation of the entire dining table. what's the deadline again? december 15th? whoops. but i did notice during my tv watching procrastination time that the newport dollhouse has been getting a lot of recent action on hbo's boardwalk empire, which is both awesome and sad, since (SPOILER ALERT) the little girl on that show ends up with effing polio, which is terrible in and of itself, but then they burn all her toys AS IF THAT WILL BRING THE USE OF HER LEGS BACK. obviously, no one actually built that dollhouse, or they would have been like, we burn everything but this because it took eleven years to complete.

Friday, December 16, 2011


i completely love this illustrated compendium explaining bitchface, a chronic condition from which i suffer. as a young lady, my mother and this horrible lady named nancy would get on to me ALL THE TIME for my bitchface, and no amount of explaining would convince them it was accidental. (mom, i totally forgive you but nancy can suck it dry. i mean, that woman told me i had haughty eyes when i was like eleven. what an asshat.)

{via bleubird vintage.}