Friday, September 30, 2011


no telling where these elle decor murano glass lamps came from, but the pair from our nyc loft project were found at the paris flea market. as for these annie selke hayworth chairs, i've never met an incarnation i didn't love. ours are covered in a swanky pearlized leather but veronica swanson beard's (via nero chronicles) are killing me.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

personal projects: new york.

i'm on a personal project posting ROLL, Y'ALL. remember when i was big pimpin' back in may? it was in new york, which is pretty much the only city where you can big pimp, and i posted a sneak peek of our project (aka the electric grandma). to date, this might be my most favorite project ever. we got to use tons of crazy wallpaper, tons of vintage, tons of the dibs, tons of completely customized pieces and lots of great design names, like casa midy, anne kyyrö quinn, arturo pani, james mont, boco de lobo, pierpaolo seguso, the rug company and the list goes on. there is even a sofa in this joint called the KRISTINA (obviously a badass sofa, duh), lest you need any more reasons for it's coolness. it was really dreamy to design and install, plus we got to stay in the lovely new mondrian hotel and shop the hell outta soho (SPOILER ALERT: i bought a sweet leather jacket at madewell and i will be wearing it just as soon as our houston temps drop below 100 million degrees). worth mentioning is that this project was a penthouse loft located very very high in the new york sky. our client wanted needed a 103" plasma tv, which PS IS HUGE (please note the photo of me standing next to it, and i am not small), so we had to employ the services of a crane company, plus get permits to shut down broadway in soho. have y'all heard of broadway? in new york? it is a kind of busy street, but our permits let us shut it down at 10:30pm on a saturday. SHUT IT. SHUT THAT MOTHER DOWN. since we had planned from the git-go to use this crane (which was the only way to get that mongo tv into the apartment), we were able to crane up a few other things that wouldn't fit in the tiny elevators, like the biggest sofa on the planet and a monster dining table. if you have never participated in a move by crane, i highly recommend it. probably the most exciting moment of my interior design career, and by exciting, i mean we were chomping on pepto tabs like they were smarties as the world's largest television spun in circles gazillions of feet in the air over a crowded city street while a man almost fell out of the window several times trying to catch the crane basket. GUIDE ROPE, people. this is why we use a guide rope. here are a few more photos for your eyeball pleasure, and for good measure, a few of the shots (of the worst quality, ever) of the crane install. it was fierce. major shout-out to our pal boris, the building super, who loves but two things in life: vests, and saturday night CRANE INSTALLS.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

personal projects: luxe magazine.

so when i'm not waxing poetic about dog sweaters or youtube videos of dances i want to learn, i go to my job, which is at a very fancy interior design firm here in space city. if i've never mentioned the actual firm before (i haven't) you should know right now that my foul mouth and absurd ideas reflected on this blog have NOTHING to do with that very classy establishment (although i have been known to be a bad influence on my boss, who, prior to meeting me, was quite a lady). anyhow, should you need more details on where i work, we are in this month's national issue of luxe magazine (R.A.D.). pick one up if you are enjoying a free cocktail and some cheese in your local airport's president's club. i posted a photo of this home before, but here she is in all her splendor. photos by our super-talented photographer (and client!) julie soefer.