Thursday, March 29, 2012

martyn lawrence-bullard in the flesh.

as i mentioned previously, marty b came to town on tuesday to spill some secrets about his million-dollar design projects (and clients), and it. was. faaaaabulous. the house was packed at alkusari stone's showroom and MLB didn't wait long before bustin' out words like decadent, delicious, diva, daaaahhhling and VIBE (i learned a long time ago that if you're in LA and have to talk about design, you just say VIBE a lot and people are like oooohh yeeeessss, everything you're saying is crystal clear: indonesian vibe. spanish vibe. in-and-out burger vibe. you get it.). martyn had great stories about buying solid gold tapestries and meetings with cher while she takes a bath and buying a condo with elton john so joan collins couldn't have it, to name a few. also the osbornes have 26 dogs but zero rugs because none of the dogs are potty trained? in between the juicy bits, he had wonderful tales from the world of interior design and the entire audience was truly in a trance. it was fun and a nice break from my home away from home, aka the office, plus i got to meet a great designer during the book signing.
posing + pocket square combo = camera gold.
please note that martyn lawrence-bullard has some of the finest penmanship i've ever seen. if he decides that he's sick of all that international travel and hanging out with celebrities and making mad bags of cash, he has a solid future in calligraphy, which i TOTALLY mentioned to him whilst he was signing my book, and he was pretty much like, please go away, crazy lady.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

white panda wednesday.

it's no lie: i love a musical mashup, evidenced by multiple posts prior on the flashdance and girl talk. if you love a badass mashup as much as i do, or if you just enjoy shaking your ass can, you WILL LOVE this white panda biznazz.

like say if you love weezer and that song TIPSY?

or maybe you like jay-z and jackson 5 and lil' wayne, and are like, why did they not exist at the same time and get a group together? and why did michael have to die?

skee-lo and that break your heart song? by taiaiaio cruz or something? MAGICALLY BLENDED INTO ONE.

or maybe you like a slow jam because your name is lauren walsh, and you wish you could combine that with an owl city track?

so alls i'm saying is that these crazy hipster computer nerds are GREAT and just what the doctor ordered this wednesday. if i weren't going to the masters, i'd totally get my buns to austin on april 7th to see them play (spin? compute? mash?) in person. tickets here, jill.

{this band via my younger brother's extremely hip friend nick.}

Friday, March 23, 2012

dear cambridge satchel part two,

after unforeseen delays, the overnight rush shipping from london was a nice touch and it is safe to say I AM IN LOVE. this leather amazingness is even brighter than i'd imagined and the gold monogram? zomg. way to totally kill it, sugarbear (and cambridge satchel). if you are following me on instagram (ps-are you not on instagram? what are you, old? come on.), please prepare yourself for zillions of photos of this purse in various settings.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

martyn lawrence-bullaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

please don't be fooled by two-a-day posting: i am not kidding about being buried alive in work right now. however, i'll NEVER be too busy to share vital, life-changing news with you sassy bitches, which is that everyone's favorite designer, martyn lawrence-bullard, is coming to space city this month (march 27th) to promote his new book. don't you dare miss it, missy. more info here. i'm taking the whole design team so please come say hello if you are there! i'll be the gal in leopard pants (probably) with horrible posture (definitely); also i'm like eleven feet tall with a giant mop of trashy blonde hair, so i'm kind of hard to miss.

dear cambridge satchel,

i still love you but WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG TO GET HERE???? for reals, yall. b-rad ordered one of these for me after i threw a Category 5 hissy fit, and that particular fit was like six months ago. or thirty days, whatever. anyway, the nice gal at cambridge satchel has sent a very nice apology for the delay, but what i'd really rather have is my fluoro bag, aka Order Number: 150307. let's get that thing stateside STAT.

in a related story, HIIIIIII. i'm hopeful to get back to regular-ish blogging when work slows down a bit, which is currently slated to happen on the seventh of never. i've got projects going in LONDON and new york right now (technically connecticut, but apparently that is a suburb of nyc), as well as a pantload of houston jobs, but the london bit is pretty great since it makes me INTERNATIONAL. i work on projects internationally now, bitches! it feels really good to say that. only took me ten years. there are so many really great things going on right now, work-wise, that i can't wait to share but for now, here are some of the luckiest ho-bags on the planet with better timing than me, obvs.