Wednesday, March 28, 2012

white panda wednesday.

it's no lie: i love a musical mashup, evidenced by multiple posts prior on the flashdance and girl talk. if you love a badass mashup as much as i do, or if you just enjoy shaking your ass can, you WILL LOVE this white panda biznazz.

like say if you love weezer and that song TIPSY?

or maybe you like jay-z and jackson 5 and lil' wayne, and are like, why did they not exist at the same time and get a group together? and why did michael have to die?

skee-lo and that break your heart song? by taiaiaio cruz or something? MAGICALLY BLENDED INTO ONE.

or maybe you like a slow jam because your name is lauren walsh, and you wish you could combine that with an owl city track?

so alls i'm saying is that these crazy hipster computer nerds are GREAT and just what the doctor ordered this wednesday. if i weren't going to the masters, i'd totally get my buns to austin on april 7th to see them play (spin? compute? mash?) in person. tickets here, jill.

{this band via my younger brother's extremely hip friend nick.}

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