Wednesday, October 31, 2012

interiors, halloween style.

happiest of halloweens, y'all! after all, the world is ending so this is obv. the last one, right? i hope you did it up right like me, because i'm dressed like a chicken (aka super sexy chicken) and it's been a real crowd-pleaser, even without sugarbear in his companion costume of colonel sanders (images for your enjoyment are below). also please check in tomorrow for some EXTREMELY HUGE NEWS. spoiler alert: no, i am not pregnant.

i wanted to share this spooktactular image, ripped unabashedly from jenny's blog post (myfavoriteandmybest) on leather sofas (ps-you are a killer photo finder, jenny). not only is the sofa hot enough to kill you and then also bring you back from the dead, there is a....cow-ostrich? like a jackelope frankenstein concoction, just lurking in the corner keeping the painted, human version of mrs. potato head company. also for debate: is that a robot on the right? so all this photo lacks to make it truly halloween-y is morticia adams draped over the leather tufting and maybe some jack o'lant-age. but trust when i say i'd like to live here all 365 days of the year.
as promised, here's the chicken costume in all it's feathery glory, circa 2008. props to b-radical for being such a good sport and rocking a linen suit from phat farm.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

holy shit, solange.

ZOMG Y'ALL. as you may recall, i am a huge fan of ms. SOLANGE knowles, and that was before this had happened. clearly, miss ma'am has been spying on me and stealing some of my better dance moves.