Friday, April 30, 2010

sleigh bells: tell 'em.

seriously. i'm TELLING YOU: sleigh bells, people, listen to sleigh bells.... future greats. so here's the latest from their new album, set to release may 11:

tell 'em by sleigh bells

and in case you missed the hits from before:

crown on the ground

a/b machines

infinity guitars

and the ever popular mash-up with lil' wayne:
fireman on the ground

adorable bridesmaids.

how rad are these bridesmaid dresses? not as rad as mine are going to be, but still pretty fricking amazing.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

thumbs up for crazy: louis, kate and jlo.

for the record, i am fully in favor of capes (all kinds), especially crazy graphic capes like this louis vuitton number worn recently by the forever perplexing kate hudson. also, i am digging this plus-size hair, courtesy of jenny from the block. you know she's got at least one of her creepy twins hidden in there. ps, jlo-feel free to send me that necklace. {pictures via dlisted and}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

happy, happy birthday.

happy birthday to my sugar bear, aka b-rad, aka tech support for this here bloggity. i love you, i love your cooking, i love how you sing when you are happy, and i love how, when you are extremely happy, you make up alternative lyrics, such as 'steve's at the pizza hut, steve's at the taco bell, steve's at the combination pizza hut and taco bell.' have a wonderful day and welcome to your thirties. in the event that you are feeling nostalgic (because i know the rest of us sure are), here's a highlight reel of your recent twenties. everyone with eyes, you are welcome.

speculators unite: the acl edition.

guess what today is? it's 163 days until AAAAACCCCCCLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! no, not this acl. the austin city limits music festival. it's also just a few weeks until the line-up is officially released, but what i'm trying to say is that it is high time to start speculating on who will be at acl this year. it's a perfectly fantastic waste of time, after all. my guesses and slash or hopes include

arcade fire
band of horses
she & him
blues traveler (because it's already on pollstar)
sleigh bells
broken bells
lcd soundsystem
grizzly bear
ra ra riot
the xx
die antwoord
the dead weather
hot chip
bassnectar (!!)
beach house
deer tick
fever ray
lady GAGA (because she's playing lollapalooza)

please, pretty please not:
green day

Monday, April 26, 2010

a girl (or in this case a dress) for all seasons.

i received paycheck numero uno from my new job today, so i decided it was high time i replenished the closet. first on the list? anthropologie all seasons shirt dress. according to anthro, this dress can be worn in any month of the year. hear that, b-rad? sounds like a BARGAIN.

call girl.

iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddttttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiissssssssssss:or at least, would like to have it if it were not $195. if you are made of money or have perhaps a money tree growing in your backyard, feel free to purchase one for the both of us here.

{via we heart it}

Monday, April 19, 2010

stella and string hotness.

two delicious interior design details i'd love to try. i have posted the stella mccartney showroom floors before, but who didn't want to see them again? also, string wainscoting (!!) at cote maison, a sizzlin' hot hotel on the coast of france.**which is where we are going for our honeymoon, and yes, i will be doing some e-gloating.

{both images via if the lampshade fits}

offensive and delightful.

if you've ever spent 2 hours searching for the perfect card, only to say FUCK IT and buy one that is written in spanish, because seriously, a card for a three-year old written in another language trumps everything in the so-called 'funny birthday' section, you will probably enjoy cards from offensive and delightful. get your own offensive and delightful cards here. i'm also going to recommend that you hit up my neighborhood card shop, katie & co. not only are they doing a KICK-ASS j-o-b with my wedding invitations, but they also carry tons of gorgeous stationery. in fact, katie might even have some of these o + d cards in her shop. i need to check.

Friday, April 16, 2010


the houston-to-austin bike ride, better known as the BP MS 150, kicks off tomorrow. this two-day cycling event is a fundraiser organized by the national ms society, and the largest of its kind in north america. in 2009, the event raised more than $17 million for multiple sclerosis. good luck to all my friends who are riding (180 miles!) and working this epic event. nicole, i'm talking to you. ooh, and UPDATE: SARAH, i'm also talking to you!

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DAMN YOU TO HELL, kate spade.

who do i have to sleep with around here to locate some fashion? i have been looking everywhere-EV. ERR. REEEEE. WHERE-for this effing adorable top that i saw about a month ago in an ad for GLEE, worn by lea michele, aka rachel. but no dice, no cigar, no luck, no adorable shirt with puffed sleeves and a big bow on the front for yours truly. and i really, really wanted it. see? see how i tore the ad from my us weekly, and spilled something on ms. michele's legs in my desperate search? and that may or may not be a coffee ring on the top. i had completely given up, but then, as i'm watching glee on dvr last night, what should rachel be wearing during her lionel richie number with jesse st. james? kate spade's radcliffe yard joannie sweater, that's what. which is now sold out, so thanks a mil, k-spade. i guess i'll head over to ebay, you cold-hearted purse-making hoebag. should anyone feel compelled to make this dream a reality for me, i can wear any size other than small.