Tuesday, June 22, 2010

super trompe.

SRSLY. i've been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, but i'm not too busy to post this amaaaaaazing use of trompe l'oeil. technically, designers ron woodson & jaime rummerfield used the painting technique because this is a window display for their 'auntie mame-inspired' living room in baker furniture's los angeles showroom (part of the recent Legends of La Cienega event), but i didn't know that at first, and i thought it was pretty rad for regular use. maybe? like if you lived in a tiny house or something? or were super whimsical? or maybe i have the crazy head. either way, i think the event was recently enough that it might still be on display, so i deffo plan to check it out when i jetset to la next week.

{woodson & rummerfield, legends of la cienega}

Saturday, June 12, 2010

going to the cathedral, gonna get married.

for awhile, i've been agonizing over what to do for a wedding veil. not real agony, mind you, but the kind of agony you have when you are a) a super crafty person who can make wedding veils, and b) have made veils for several other brides, and c) have no intention of spending upwards of $250 for one to go on your own head because d) your common-law husband slash fiance would have a serious, dealbreaker problem with that. i really thought it was in the cards for me to wear one of those kicky birdcage veils, with the flowers and the rhinestones, but as it turns out, i was mistaken.

turns out, after i saw photos of (way amazinger) fellow blogger persephone (and steve)'s wedding, photographed by (also extremely fantastic) fellow blogger peonies and polaroids, that i should be wearing a double cathedral-length veil. for the record, those blogs are what possessed me, peonies and polaroids, and lillian and leonard, respectively. so come october, i'm going to be sporting THE BIGGEST VEIL YOU'VE EVER SEEN, which will fall into my 'something borrowed' category; credit: persephone. future updates will be given regarding the etsy vendor that i'll prolly recruit to make said veil, since i've had it Up. To. Here. with my DIY wedding projects, but for now, please enjoy these extremely delightful shots of mongo cathedral veils. persephone, shot by peonies, is first. what a dish, right? and srsly, that top hat and the gloves on mom.... nine kinds of awesome.

guatemala, guatemala.

hola. i mentioned yesterday (and may have done a little freestyle rapping at the el tiempo table) that i know all the capital cities of all the countries in latin and south america (los todos). although the depths of my brain and memory know no bounds, i owe it all to this little number, el 'rock' del las capitales by pam kaatz of color connection. my high school español teacher, señora wittry, played this about quatro times a day, and the tune has a way of staying with you. for all you educators, el 'rock' starts with south america; fast forward to the 3:30 mark for central america. dedicated to audrey. ps: managua, nicaragua; panama, panama.

Friday, June 4, 2010

the secret is the flirtatiously fun dance progressions.

thanks, flirty girl fitness. actually, thanks to b-rad, who brought this gem to my attention. if you haven't been dazzled today, or if you want a sneak peek of the exercise craze that is sure to be sweeping the nation soon, i highly suggest watching this video.

a shocking disappointment, jcrew.

let me first say that i tore this out A. WHILE. ago, jcrew, from lucky magazine before it was even available. my adorable bridesmaids are going to wear striped dresses, and i thought the cut of this dress might be a good option, so i've been really looking forward to seeing this little vestido on the jcrew website so i could get a better idea of the back and sides... which i did today. and i don't know if i'm just super grumpy or what, but, i feel like jcrew sort of owes me an explanation. after all, they want $395...and this gal looks like a frumpy nightmare mess. i realize that she's not nearly as easy or breezy as girl numero uno, who appears to have A) bought the dress in her actual size and B) applied either bronzer or moisturizing lotion and C) knows that she's never fully dressed without a smile and D) knows how to work a dress with pockets, but SERIOUSLY. is it too short? is she too skinny? would a wide belt help (IT ALWAYS DOES)? do you not have an on-site tailor, or at least some of those giant clothespin things that are great for making something look like it fits in a photo? is it the flats (which btw, are horrendous, unless you really like seatbelts)?so feel free to speak up. is this dress totally terrible?

fishs eddy intervention-ware.

can't control yourself at the dinner table? frequently eat yourself into a stupor? try intervention-ware from fishs eddy in NYC.available here. fishs eddy is a treasure trove of commercial quality dish and glassware, and they happen to have a superb website. i found the shop on my first trip to new york and somehow managed to get home with my suitcase full of scantily-clad lady cereal bowls and heroes of the torah juice glasses (shown below). aside from quirky items, fishs eddy offers a lovely selection of kitchen and table staples, plus gift registry services.