Friday, July 30, 2010

big red.

i have always thought red hair was pretty awesome, dating back to my steamy first-grade relationship with one cody burkholder and my life-long obsession with anne of green gables, but these two gals really make the rest of us look like trolls. let's hear it for gingers. 2% of the world's population is looking 100% awesome.{16-year old olivia bee for twigs and honey via elizabeth dye}

{nicole kidman via dlisted}

it should be noted that one time, a blind person told me that i looked just like nicole kidman, and although i look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like her, in departments Hair, Body or Face, i have always treasured that compliment as one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

hats off to dancing.

in the midst of all the wedding stress and regrets upon Not Eloping, i have found a silver lining to the cloud i like to call WEDDING PREPARATIONS CAN SUCK IT DOT COM, also known as WHAT THE FUCK WERE WE THINKING. as it turns out, deeeeeeeep down, i am still extremely excited RE: wedding due to the dancefloor mash-oligist that will be responsible for the blisters on everyone's feet come october 24th: the human jukebox, aka michael antonia. aside from being really good on the ones and twos (dj words!), THJ routinely surfaces in some of the more rad headgear i've ever seen. don't worry-i've already requested that the chapeau du jour accompany the human jukebox to austin. BYO dr. scholls.
{kick-ass photos of max and margeaux's wedding by our labor of love}

in the event that you (have also become jaded and) are (no longer) looking forward to my wedding (either), here are some things you can anticipate seeing. of course, these were taken when i was a mere guest book attendant. obviously, as the bride, i plan to turn the Volume On My Moves up a few notches. after all, it's about to be me o'clock.

Friday, July 16, 2010

paper dresses that are totally impractical, yet rad.

yep. creative titles today. pretty sure i snagged these images from anthro weddings top secret promo that was sent only to me and not to the entire world, about six months ago. at least, i think it was anthropologie. what i mean to say is i am ON TOP OF THINGS. on the ball. really, really doing things in a punctual fashion. anyway, paper dresses.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

london! paris!

i fly across the pond today to go visit my best friend in world (literally), in LONDON. and then we are going to PARIS. i've never been to either 'hood, so naturally, i am wearing my adult diaper. wish me luck as we have already had one close call with international kidnapping.

things i didn't buy at anthropologie yesterday.

obv. i've been super busy to neglect THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING BLOG for so long, but i managed to squeeze in a few hours of actual, in-person shopping the other day. ONLY BECAUSE i am leaving this afternoon for a magical shopping-filled vacation to london and paris, was i able to resist buying these things. (that, and i am a little scared of b-rad because of what happened last time i went to anthropologie.) i feel like i need to mention that one of my very most favorite bloggers, who i stalk in the non-scary way and wish was my friend, has said something along the lines before about people who blog about jcrew or anthropologie are lame. i suppose we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, east side bride. and ps, i still wish we were pals.*

{sugar & cream dress} this has teacups all over it. TEACUPS. if this is in my suitcase when i come home from london, it will not be my fault. I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE.

{majestic cypress toile dress} which i should point out, has an effing CORSET. i went to all the trouble of making a detailed screen cap for y'all, but i still don't know if it makes it worth $278. unless you are real into corset dresses.

{casino nights blouse} it has spades and clubs on it! and is way cuter in person. this photo is like MEH. so maybe it will go on sale soon.

{bountiful birds blouse} man, this looks way lousier on al gore's interweb than it does in person. it is NAVY, forcryingoutloud, and has brass buttons. i am hoping that the $4.99 bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream that i planted in the freezer this morning will turn into this shirt, jack's magic beans-style. whaddya say, b-rad? you know know much i lurve these odille shirts.

*even though i realize that this blog post will pretty much cement the fact that you find me a large variety of weirdo.

lauren nassef, donkey illustrator.

jokes! lauren nassef draws more than just donkeys, but i think i've explained my love for donkeys on more than one occasion, so that's what first caught me. LN is an extremely talented illustrator who may have jumped on your radar with her 'drawing a day' series, but she has a massive collection of other works on her website, which you can see here. here are some of my faves, but the best news of all is that she has an online store and you can BUY THINGS.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

like: dita von teese

on the eve of my first trip ever to paris (and london), i kind of wish i had what it took to take photos like this: mainly, that dress. meeeeeeee-ow, deets.
{via someone's tumblr. i've lost the source, and i am really sorry.}

well, i like this.

hipster victorian
{via if the lampshade fits}