Tuesday, July 13, 2010

things i didn't buy at anthropologie yesterday.

obv. i've been super busy to neglect THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING BLOG for so long, but i managed to squeeze in a few hours of actual, in-person shopping the other day. ONLY BECAUSE i am leaving this afternoon for a magical shopping-filled vacation to london and paris, was i able to resist buying these things. (that, and i am a little scared of b-rad because of what happened last time i went to anthropologie.) i feel like i need to mention that one of my very most favorite bloggers, who i stalk in the non-scary way and wish was my friend, has said something along the lines before about people who blog about jcrew or anthropologie are lame. i suppose we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, east side bride. and ps, i still wish we were pals.*

{sugar & cream dress} this has teacups all over it. TEACUPS. if this is in my suitcase when i come home from london, it will not be my fault. I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE.

{majestic cypress toile dress} which i should point out, has an effing CORSET. i went to all the trouble of making a detailed screen cap for y'all, but i still don't know if it makes it worth $278. unless you are real into corset dresses.

{casino nights blouse} it has spades and clubs on it! and is way cuter in person. this photo is like MEH. so maybe it will go on sale soon.

{bountiful birds blouse} man, this looks way lousier on al gore's interweb than it does in person. it is NAVY, forcryingoutloud, and has brass buttons. i am hoping that the $4.99 bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream that i planted in the freezer this morning will turn into this shirt, jack's magic beans-style. whaddya say, b-rad? you know know much i lurve these odille shirts.

*even though i realize that this blog post will pretty much cement the fact that you find me a large variety of weirdo.

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