Saturday, May 4, 2013

smitten, swoon and drool-worthy.

what i mean is, how about we all stop using these words? i'm talking to you, bloggers, because no one actually speaks these words out loud, unless they want to find out what the five fingers said to the face. while we're at it, let's throw GLAM and POP OF COLOR into the mix. also i do not need to hear about your fucking washi tape project.

in less grumpy news, brad just left for breakfast tacos and then we are going to the farmers market and then if i have time BEFORE WE GO HOUSE HUNTING WITH OUR REALTOR, i'm going to make some pickles, and not just any regular old cucumber pickles, people. RADISH AND CARROT pickles, and probably some cucumber ones too, because THEY'RE MY FAVORITE, GIRL, ala this recipe.

yesterday was my six-monthiversary at kristina wilson design, LLC incorporated dot com, and ho. lee. shit. y'all. i'm busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. busy in a great way with great clients and wonderful projects but wayyyyyyyy busier than i thought i'd be at this point and too busy to make getting my website finished a priority. I'M TOO BLESSED FOR STRESS Y'ALL. at first i started typing 'success' instead of 'stress' so i'm not sure what that means, but clearly i've too busy for blogging, since it's been cricket noises around here.

i have been waking up extra early to read all my favie blogs via the bloglovin' app, because nothing beats the stress away like planning to buy this bag or plant this garden or make those pickles (but i'm totes making those pickles y'all. and someday i will grow my own radishes and haul them inside in my totes tote.), and then i'll feel real bad about neglecting my blog, so today i was like I WILL BLOG. I WILL MAKE THE PICKLES. I WILL GO HOUSE SHOPPING FOR SOMETHING WITH A KILLER YARD. I WILL PUT ON AN ADORABLE AND COMPLETELY IMPRACTICAL OUTFIT AND HAVE MY HUSBAND TAKE PHOTOS OF ME MODELING AND THEN LIST WHERE ALL THE PIECES ARE FROM. just kidding, just kidding (totally not kidding please refer to instagram feed for selfies).

so that's what's been going on here. don't hold your breath for updates. i did happen to find the absolutely most perfect and adorable house, in the area of town where i'd really like to live, at a price that was within the realm of possibility, with a huge garden and pool sized yard, with a 2 car detached garage including garage apartment that would be perfect for a interior design home office, AND SUGARBEAR ACTUALLY KIND OF LIKED IT, and was saying promising things like, well we can have our foundation guy take a look into it, as we stood on the porch with our realtor, nodding and enjoying the shade from the two beautiful pecan trees in the front yard and imagining how great the brick would look when we painted it white. and then i was like, this is what it feels like. THIS IS HOW YOU FEEL WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU ARE HOME.

and then approximately twelve seconds later, we found out that the house next door, the house across the street, the house two doors down AAAANNNNNDDD the apartment complex on the corner were all treatment facilities for people with mental disorders. no, not mental handicaps, people. FUCKING BIPOLAR BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER STABBY SCHIZOPHRENICS.

i tried to make some jokes like, well i hope they have room for one more! and OH GOOD-i can just switch all my other services to a much more convenient location! but brad and jay just stood there shaking their heads at me, so today we try again.

say a little prayer for me as you roll through some of my house inspiration pics and i'll TTYL, hookers.