Tuesday, January 31, 2012

indie hipster band alert.

confession time: i had heard of these clowns previously but they didn't fully register in my ears until i saw a do-over of their hit 'we are young' on glee. I KNOW I KNOW. but don't hate on me hipsters, because i drive a 2002 toyota 4runner with a tape deck (GOLDIE) and my commute every day is 10 minutes round trip, making New Music Listenin' Time kind of limited. anyway, FUN. it is a band; you will like them. their new album comes out drops next month and this song is on there, but i recommend getting album numero uno (aim and ignite) as there are some cheerful numbers you'll enjoy. like these:


after a long weekend of shredding and internet browsing, i'm fully recharged (albeit a little sleepy), completely inspired and ready to rock. this wood-cut quote (above) kind of sums it up. also i bought these pants in park city so i'm totes on the prowl. MEEEEEEE-OW, mo-fo's. these pants are like frolicsome and dangerous and noble and improbable all rolled into one and then personified.

i consider them step one of many in an effort to be more frolicsome, but b-rad describes them as 'daytime hooker-wear'. little does he know, i have ALWAYS identified with vivian from pretty woman. hooker duds are where it's at, obviously. speaking of hookers, i need you to know that i finally figured out what polyvore is, and it is amazing. goodbye, any free time i had left! this is my first polyvore board, so PLEASE BE NICE. i call it FROLICSOME HOOKER. and yes, i would wear all of those accessories at once, probably with my OPI mermaid's tears nail polish.


Knit shirt
£15 - axparis.co.uk

Balmain stretch leather pants
$4,600 - net-a-porter.com

Opening Ceremony lace up boots
$144 - ssense.com

Proenza Schouler satchel handbag
£1,465 - net-a-porter.com

J Crew j crew jewelry
$60 - jcrew.com

Heart earrings
$10 - fredflare.com

Lizzie Fortunato Jewels vintage jewelry
$320 - charmandchain.com

Madewell animal necklace
$35 - madewell.com

Hair bow accessory
$32 - asos.com


{awesome quote poster via pinterest.}

Saturday, January 28, 2012

interior dreaming.

there just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW that i can almost not stand it. for. reals. i want all of these lovely things in a very, very bad way. i don't have anywheres to put them, but if my wallet were large enough to make these purchases, it could probably also secure a storage unit or two for temporary safekeeping. luckily my shopping and hoarding tendencies can all be contained on my pinterest.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ski trip.

we are off for a weekend of shredding in deer valley and star-studded stalking in park city. the sundance film fest is in week two, so it will likely be a bit more low key than previous years, but i will report back on the adventures all the same. thankfully, the heavens opened up and dumped a ton of snow last weekend and throughout the week. sugarbear said it was something like four feet of snows? that sounds like lies to me but i will take it. in case you didn't know, I'M SO EXCITED TO SHRED SOME POW. mainly because it seems like a hundred years have passed since last year, but also because i have a really cool shaun white for target little boys XL shirt that i am wearing to the mountains (i suspect it will give me secret powers). also in the park city area is this monster from HGTV... i can't decide if we should hit this up or not. i DO like the planters.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

julia rothman: farm anatomy.

i gave my nieces and nephews (current total: six) julia rothman's new book for christmas (and i totally got one for m'self, duh). it's pretty much the cutest, most educational thing ever. every page is an illustrated cornucopia of farm knowledge, inspired and informed by her husband and in-laws (from rural iowa). don't you want to know about bees and barbed wires and how to plow a field? even if you don't have a natural inclination to agriculture, julia rothmans's illustrations are captivating. seriously, how do you not own this book already?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

neon for grey days.

bleeeeech, winter. be cold or go away entirely, right guys? i love the neon trend during these infernal grey times and hope it's here to stay for a whole lot longer. also, if the valentimes fairy wanted to bring me a cambridge satchel in fluoro yellow with my initials on it, i have it on good authority that he would probably get laid big time.

hells yes.

the delights of the washington corridor continue to abound... now we can never move.

{via avid swamplot reader b-rad.}

Monday, January 23, 2012

obsessions that mean i'm 80: BOUILLON.

last night at dinner i commented on the length of a young lady's dress (whore short) and i've lately been obsessed with bouillon trim on sofas, so i have clearly taken a geriatric turn and will likely be breaking my hip any day now.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

jill & daphne.

after riding with her so many times in an elevator, i'll admit that i kind of stalk daphne groenveld. she's absolutely stunning and she has no eyebrows*, so she's especially easy to spot. also, she's usually wearing something badass, as is the case in this jill stuart s/s 2012 ad campaign shot by mario sorrenti. me-yowzers. all of these looks are pastel-tastic and i would like one of each this spring, thankyouverymuch. with houston's january temperatures in the 80's, i'm over winter**. 

*technically, i think they are bleached to high heaven.
**except for our ski trip to park city & sundance which starts on THURSDAAAAAAAAAAY!!
{via this is glamorous.}