Sunday, January 22, 2012

jill & daphne.

after riding with her so many times in an elevator, i'll admit that i kind of stalk daphne groenveld. she's absolutely stunning and she has no eyebrows*, so she's especially easy to spot. also, she's usually wearing something badass, as is the case in this jill stuart s/s 2012 ad campaign shot by mario sorrenti. me-yowzers. all of these looks are pastel-tastic and i would like one of each this spring, thankyouverymuch. with houston's january temperatures in the 80's, i'm over winter**. 

*technically, i think they are bleached to high heaven.
**except for our ski trip to park city & sundance which starts on THURSDAAAAAAAAAAY!!
{via this is glamorous.}

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