Thursday, June 2, 2011

mondrian soho.

so i will post more photos of the nyc project at some point, after we're done professionally photographing and then done whoring it out for awards and possible magazine attention, but until then, here are some new york things. please forgive my lack of organization on the mondrian photos... i am trying very hard to hit up the ol' b-log more often, and that may or may not mean i spend less time finessing these posts.

1. we stayed at the brand, spankin' new mondrian hotel in soho. it's new and super fly and had giant bottles of tequila in the rooms, which is probably why we rode the elevators with people like eva longoria's ex-piece tony parker (totally the shortest basketball player ever but much cuter in person than in those horrific eyebrow-featuring photos you see in us weekly) and 15-YEAR OLD (yes i am shouting) current it-model daphne groeneveld. she has the blondest eyebrows on the planet and like most adolescent females, travels with her mom. we also ran into noel fielding, which caused carolyn and her sister to FREAK OUT and make me feel like a nerd for not knowing who he is.
2. when not devouring the room service, we ate at imperial no. 9, the restaurant conveniently located inside the mondrian. if it sounds familiar, it's because you just saw it in your us weekly or in this month's elle decor. even though city correspondent stefon would describe it as a new york hot spot, we ate there because we are a teensy bit extremely lazy when we travel for work because of the schedule. this is also a super opportunity to mention that due to mad concrete jungle busy-ness, we were either at the jobsite or at the hotel, so i am real sorry i didn't get an opportunity to text, see, have coffee with or even think about any of my nyc peeps, including my brother-in-law and some college pals. lo siento folks; i'm a doucher. anyway. hot sam from top chef is at the helm of IN9, and we were able to play it cool when he walked by, although paul, our jonathan rhys meyers look-alike waiter was not so lucky.


AmyIrenie said...

holyballs. I love every single photo. from the hotel room to the chandeliers at the restaurant-gorgeous!

kristina said...

AmyIrenie-If you ever have a chance, you MUST visit, even if only for a cocktail in the bar. It is swanky and the peopl-watching is divine. Thanks for stopping by!