Tuesday, August 31, 2010

le wedding cape.

EGADS. i posted some pics previously from the cherry blossom girl's wedding, with little to no explanation, other that style was in le house. i'll admit, i pretty much had no idea of the details surrounding this internet sensation, and i simply couldn't take the time to attempt a french-to-english translation, because ALL of the blogs and websites that had info on this thing were french or something, and TRĂˆS SLOW. i just presumed one of the bridesmaids was the bride, or maybe it was a lady-plus-lady marriage union... but those were apparently just the bridesmaids. so i had no idea, until today, that the bride wore an EFFING WEDDING CAPE. a cape made of TULLE, instead of a veil.

pretty clever, you french minx. i'll be adding at least one attempt at this to my nightmare of a DIY list. perhaps it can be a getaway veil? because my actual veil is pretty rad, and this would totally cramp my redonkulous necklace plans.{cherry blossom girl via 100 layer cake}

Friday, August 27, 2010

what do your sconces say about you?

man. i sure wish i could get these bad boys. too bad they are already ssssold. (see what i did there?)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

cigars, silhouettes.

i've been a pretty big fan of silhouettes since, say, EVER, but i have renewed my undying love and devotion of le silhouette lately, and i won't lie-it's been going p-r-e-t-t-y well. the RE: incarnation of my profile fascination first began after i tracked a vintage silhouette to give a friend of mine (shout out to beBOP!) who collects them. for those of you living under a rock, here are some vintage silhouettes:then silhouettes started popping up on everything. and by everything, i pretty much mean wedding invitations and tote bags. green wedding shoes has a pretty extensive round-up of silhouette use at weddings, if you choose not to believe me. anyhow, as per usual, i decided that i could probably MAKE some silhouettes. you know, since i have giant sacks full of extra time laying around, and shouldn't be spending any of this "free" time doing stupid things like working out or planning a wedding... but turns out, i can make silhouettes (please note use of bold and italics for emphasis). pretty rad silhouettes, ifidosaysom'self, in a relatively short amount of time. AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO. i made a handful for my good friend bebop (aka audrey's mom) after i found a simple, straightforward tutorial here, and i have to say... this might be the cheapest, easiest DIY i've tried. as a bonus, it is also the easiest way to convince people that you are the most talented artist in the entire world. which comes in handy, since our wedding invites will now be receiving custom postage. (dear usps, your 61-cent stamp collection blows donkey balls. hugs n' kisses, kristina) anyone recognize these two lovebirds? it totally looks like we are staring into one another's eyes... and not like these are heads from two different photographs. SO ROMANTIC. it would also appear that we don't have extra turkey-waddle fat hanging out under our chins. thanks, computer.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

hipster puppies: ruby.

are you STILL not reading hipster puppies? it's comedy gold. for the record, ruby sounds a lot like my friend brandon from college.

Monday, August 16, 2010

alix + manu.

LE WOW. i am j'adore-ing this french wedding. style runs DEEP amongst alix and manu's le friends.

{via miss pandora; via snippet and ink}

Sunday, August 15, 2010

caving in.

the walls of my soul came crumbling down today. and by that, i of course mean that i went to itunes and downloaded the ENTIRE justin bieber album: my world 2.0 (bonus track version), including the digital booklet. so it's official: FOR NOW, the biebs has weasled his way into my heart via my ears (i certainly hope this doesn't mean i'm secretly longing for a baby). i blame this breakdown on my office Muzak situation, where the music station is either tuned to Le French Rap, or some sort of pop-ish station that plays ke$ha, that bullshit soulsister song by train and beiber two-fers. anyway, i kind of don't care what you say, because that shit is CATCHY and has been stuck in my head for a week. how old is that kid anyway? eleven? i wonder how many pedophiles have bieber fever.

in the event that my indie music-loving cred is on the line, i am compelled to mention that i also downloaded the following.

arcade fire-the suburbs (the whole album). mind boggling. face melting. circuit breaking. TWIST: b-rad bought me this ON VINYL (because he is awesome). who wants to come over, lay on the floor and listen to the inaugural spin with me, 1968-style? you'd better hustle.

yacht-psychic city

danger mouse and sparklehorse (feat. the flaming lips)-revenge

best coast-boyfriend

but i won't lie: i've had that bieber on repeat. just call me pete townshend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the dandy dress.

dear emerson made,

what the hell is this? effing adorable, that's what. dandy dress, inDEED. good to see you're FINALLY making clothes.


{get one for yourself right here}

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wedding kicks.

i had a terrible dream last night that the wedding day had arrived and nothing was done, like, NOTHING, as in this bride rolled down the aisle with wet hair (like i do for work most days). so i decided it was high time i cracked into my wedding TO DO list, starting with 'break in the wedding shoes'. after all, i think i've made it clear that there will be dancing. don't hate on my frye mary studded t-straps. they were the first wedding thing i purchased, and it was over a year ago. so you can imagine how jazzed i was to get my dogs in these puppies. do you see how there are not one, but TWO different sizes of studs? LE BLAM. these shoes are amazing. they also come in kelly green and purple, if you smell what i'm steppin' in.