Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wedding kicks.

i had a terrible dream last night that the wedding day had arrived and nothing was done, like, NOTHING, as in this bride rolled down the aisle with wet hair (like i do for work most days). so i decided it was high time i cracked into my wedding TO DO list, starting with 'break in the wedding shoes'. after all, i think i've made it clear that there will be dancing. don't hate on my frye mary studded t-straps. they were the first wedding thing i purchased, and it was over a year ago. so you can imagine how jazzed i was to get my dogs in these puppies. do you see how there are not one, but TWO different sizes of studs? LE BLAM. these shoes are amazing. they also come in kelly green and purple, if you smell what i'm steppin' in.

1 comment:

audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

These kicks are going to look RAD with your dress. Thumbs up, Muffin.