Monday, December 7, 2009

if y'all wanna party like we do; if y'all wanna party like us...

aside from my duties as a common-law wife and interior designer extraordinaire, i'm also planning a wedding that will take place in austin next october. brad and i have been engaged since may, so my intention was to get everything done prior to february, and then spend the remaining nine months perfecting my bulimia and tanning booth routine... but it's not really going down that quickly. the save the dates? should have gone out about a month ago, but now i'm just shooting for any time before january.

which is why it gives me DISTINCT pleasure to inform you that we've got our music situation locked down. almost. i did mail the deposit check, so unless the USPS really cocks it up, our deposit should arrive in a few days. for any of you that are on the fence about what shoes you should wear to my wedding, plan to wear your most comfortable dancing flats. we've hired a person called THE HUMAN JUKEBOX.the human jukebox also goes by michael antonia (but you should totally just call him 'human jukebox', like i do) and is available for weddings and parties nationwide. he didn't even blink when i asked if he'd travel for our wedding (the h.j. lives in los angeles). so should you want a preview of what musical ear-crack sounds like, you can check out a long mix here. i have to warn you though, it gets SPICY about half-way through. house of pain and dolly parton, played together? yes please.

{via 100 layer cake.}

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