Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas gifts to buy, dreamland edition.

my dad used to say (probably still says) that 'it doesn't cost anything to look' and, like most dads, he kind of new what he was talking about. so here are some things i'd be interested in owning (and maybe giving) if money grew on trees. also, i heard a rumor that brad reads my blog, so HINT HINT in the serger department.

coco mademoiselle perfume for women by chanel. and it's not just because every time i go to the store, they're sold out. it also smells as good as i look. (fyi, i look really, really good. all the time.)
toms shoes aira cordones. i've decided that i think toms shoes are adorable, after all, and not just charity slippers. move over, leggings. i'm hopping on the bandwagon.
brother serger. i've simplified the title, but basically, this is a type of sewing machine that is vital if you are kind of a lazy seamstress, like me. i think there is a newer model or fancier version of this, but this one is great for beginners (according to reviews, so if i get one, i will let you know).
crossley alarm clock radio. plus you can hook your ipod into it! i don't need one of these; i need two of these. his and hers. (but they'd both be mine. you know how it works.)
hunter original rain boots in navy. or in green. or both. because it never rains unless it pours, especially at acl this year, and boyohboy, were you screwed if you didn't have rain boots. (it should be noted that if you live in southern california, you do not need these boots.)
handmade wire basket. what goes in it? who cares? it. is. adorable.
gomez poster. one of the prettiest concert posters i've seen ever. it's a shame i wasn't at this concert, but i would totally break policy on the "no concert posters on my walls if we weren't at 'em" house rule. and, for those of you who have been living under a rock, GOMEZ IS AMAZING, and british, and they've been around foreeeeever, so you could submerge yourself into their sea of music. so that's a win, win, win for you.
bern bike helmet. safety first, ladies and gents, but let's face it: not looking like a moron and having helmet hair, CLOSE SECOND.
the lip slip lip balm. best lip balm in the world ever, and i'm pretty sure this is the balm in gilead that all those church hymns were referring to. also, i didn't want to be the one to say it, but when your lips are chapped, it hurts all of us.
tissue turtleneck long-sleeved tee. one in every color, STAT. post-haste. immediately. these things may as well be water due to how much i rely on them when it gets chilly.
paul f. tompkins-impersonal. if you haven't spit coffee into your steering wheel lately, BUY THIS. seriously. if you can listen to the peanut brittle bit and not crack a smile, you might be alan rickman. or dead on the inside.
beauchamping-united states letterpress. perfect for that ex-pat friend who needs to get her ass back stateside, pronto. also perfect for me, if i find a $300 bill laying in the street.
alright. i'm stopping now. i feel really, really greedy. it doesn't help that i watched, like, 4 episodes of HOARDERS today. if you're not a HOARDERS watcher, you should be. it's crazy, unstable people at their unmedicated finest.

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