Thursday, June 30, 2011

cold and dark.

i need one of these refrigerators, like STAT. what do you say, sugarbear? found on pinterest, btws.

hooker horse, aka a story of updates.

ever since i saw this in rue mag issue three:
i've been needing a horse hook or two in my life. you know. just a little nod to my seventh-grade nutbag obsession with all things equidae. but eff me if i can find one. although i'm generally a top-notch sourcer/finder, i am batting a zero on this one. IF YOU HAVE A SHINY BRASS HORSE HEAD HOOK THINGY I WILL BUY IT FROM YOU. or you can also tell me where to get it, as long as it isn't at your mom's house. UPDATE: i wrote this post right after RI#3 came out (like january), and then i got all down in the mouth because i couldn't find a horse hooker, which led to abandonment of this post and a major case of the sads. today while reading sketch 42, the dim bulb inside my head flickered for a moment as i realized that a) nicole of S42 is a badass and b) that was HER swanky pad in rue ( and c) she's just visited kelly wearstler's new office in la and posted a ton of photos and i practically ate my computer moniter, but i digress). renewed in my need for a brass hook of the equestrian variety, i did another search and found this one, and just  requested a custom order.
MORE UPDATE: portugesevintage of etsy has already emailed me back to say my custom order will be ready tomorrow. i should note that it took approximately 14 seconds for paula to respond to me, so were i distributing customer service awards, it would go like this: paula/portugese vintage, zappos (precious shoe angels from heaven), all of the employees of my fit foods*. you think i'm lying about the speed of paula's response?
*every single time (not an exaggeration) i go into my fit foods, they flabbergast me with compliments. i always, always look terrible and i'm not very approachable (AKA HUGELY GRUMPY ALL THE TIME), so it is always shocking, followed immediately by happiness and then an overall good feeling about myself/my purse/my wrist tattoo/my stickers on my phone/my nail color for the balance of the day. one time an employee, after a 5-minute convo about how awesome my stuff was, told me that she thought we were SOUL SISTERS. and i was like YES YOU ARE CORRECT, TINY BEAUTIFUL ASIAN GIRL WHO LOOKS LIKE A PILATES POSTER, THERE IS UNITY IN OUR AWESOMENESS, CAN I HUG YOU? i realize that i constantly toot my own horn over here at WWNC, but mainly i'm making fun of myself, and even if i weren't, it isn't like anyone reads this blog. so anyway. my fit foods. go there, buy the killuh chili, and allow them to tell you how amazing you are.

outdoors indoors.

while galavanting about france, i picked up a boatload of le magazines and am just now getting around to sharing some of my international finds with y'all. probably my favorite is this totally wackadoo brilliant designer/design house/store (the magazine is in french, people. i do not know what it says.) called cerruti baleri (good news: the website has english translation), featuring designs by maurizio galante. homeboy is responsible for this.
canape cactus: a comfortable colony of cactuses (aka cacti, italians) where sitting on thorns becomes ironic and playful.

and this.
louis xv goes to sparta: imagine louis xv transforming the spartan austerity of marble into a soft and comfortable sensation.

honorable mention goes to sicis nextart designer carla tolomeo, who from what i can tell, designs elaborate settee-type items taking inspiration directly from mother nature. these banquettes moi et la rose were featured in le magazine, but if you want to see the unfiltered crazy, this blog has a ton of photos and you can also just google sicis nextart furniture. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in which my memory astounds me.

due to brain powers that defy my years, i pinned this the other day on my pinterest (srsly ppl, get. on. pinterest. it is like crack for your eyeballs) and then remembered i had recently seen this rug. crazy cube art. crazy cube rug. BOOM. anyway, they looked more similar in my head and the art looks a bit like the rug had a baby with a three wolf moon t-shirt, but i dig it. speaking of three wolf moon t-shirts, check this out. if your name is audrey, laura or carolyn, i need your shirt size. i should mention that the rug is tom dixon, who i recently started stalking after a run-in with one of his peg chairs in fluoro. maybe i will do a post on that (but probably not).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

little pink rugs.

so i've been on a personal pink kick of late, most recently of the floorcovering variety. not like totally solid pink rugs (which are also super), but rugs with hot pink in them. it could be because i have recently installed some pink feathers in my hair (because i like to pretend i'm young enough to pull that off) and it could be because i'm about to make some rill design changes at casa sugarbear, involving some schumacher zanzibar linen that i'll hopefully be able to afford before i die (srsly schumacher, any pricing over $100 a yard, especially when it's net pricing, sucks a bag of dicks), but whatever the reason, i'm on pink rugs like sauce on ribs these days.

{1st dibs via belclaire house (via mfamb ) and it only costs $30,000}

{effing anthropologie}

{sonya winner via plastolux}

{via the rug company}
{more sonya winner}
{more 1st dibs}

Monday, June 27, 2011

ikea maskros.

i saw this over the weekend on pinterest--sidenote: are y'all on pinterest? you should be. it is rad and you can follow my pinterest boards here. my tagline for pinterest would probably have to be 'if you like al gore's internet and pictures in general, then you will love pinterest.' end sidenote--and it got me to thinking... WHEN ARE WE MAKING THIS THANG AUDREY? that's all. have a super monday, bfaces.
{image via here.}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

inspiration: dark walls and beds in your living room.

these got saved to the ipad and i don't remember where they originated, but if they are yours or from your b-log, let me know. i'm a fan of appropriate linking. i'm enamored with the sinister walls, herringbong (typo and it stays) floors, rainbow tufted ottoman and weird twin bed-turned-settee situation.


two things: have y'all been to boxwood or tiny boxwoods in houston? don't let the nearly identical monikers fool you: the former is a kick-ass high-end home furnishings store featuring farrow and ball paints, and the latter is a tasty mctasterson cafe in river oaks that doubles as a garden oasis (because it's owned by these guys). they're actually in quite close proximity, so you can hit up both if you're a lady who lunches type of gal. not sure what color the doors are at boxwood these days, as they are constantly re-painting in a new color, but thumbs up for this yellow version.

{images via my iphone and morning t.}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wednesday morning.

guess who worked until 8 on monday and until 10 last night? me and sugarbear, that's who. and i was up at 5:30 yesterday to make a flight to dallas, which is a feat in and of itself, because i don't rise and shine much earlier than 7:30 most of the time. days have been looong and there is pretty much no end in sight so i don't have to tell you it's been a real fucking party around here. BUT i made breakfast this morning (spinach with farm eggs and quinoa, not bud light and twizzlers, audrey, which is why there is photo evidence proof) and b-rad is wearing the awesome socks i got him during one of many h&m runs in new york last month, so all things considered, life is pretty great. ps-yes, those are my amazing klaus haapaniemi dishes. total wedding score.

Monday, June 13, 2011

best use of balloons ever.

you know i love balloons. so much that it forces me to admit that even after having had the most fun wedding ever, i still occasionally troll the wedding-y blogs. it's mostly a self-inflicted torture, but check out this fantastic wedding in london that some really poor people had, courtesy of 100 layer cake. i mean WHAT? does anyone else feel like they are on drugs when they look at these photos? i should note that the cake was made by an outfit called choccywoccydoodah. ooooooooobviously.  if you want to trip your balls off see more, check it out here.