Tuesday, June 28, 2011

little pink rugs.

so i've been on a personal pink kick of late, most recently of the floorcovering variety. not like totally solid pink rugs (which are also super), but rugs with hot pink in them. it could be because i have recently installed some pink feathers in my hair (because i like to pretend i'm young enough to pull that off) and it could be because i'm about to make some rill design changes at casa sugarbear, involving some schumacher zanzibar linen that i'll hopefully be able to afford before i die (srsly schumacher, any pricing over $100 a yard, especially when it's net pricing, sucks a bag of dicks), but whatever the reason, i'm on pink rugs like sauce on ribs these days.

{1st dibs via belclaire house (via mfamb ) and it only costs $30,000}

{effing anthropologie}

{sonya winner via plastolux}

{via the rug company}
{more sonya winner}
{more 1st dibs}


Infamous Carolyn said...

1. I think that shirt can only be done justice in XXXL muumuu style.
2. That backgammon rug is FLAWSOME. Actually, these are all awesome.
3. Is this capcha fucking with me? It's entore. Not encore. enTore.

Design Junkie said...

Oh, how I'd love to get wit practically any of those rugs! I am all about hot pink, too, but for no special reason except that it looks so bangin at Casa Blanca I vibrate with glee.

kristina said...

infamous carolyn (work carolyn?)-agreed. giant backgammon rugs for everyone. also, one floral and black granny rug, just for good measure.

design junkie-i'm on the verge of a home overhaul (facelift, really) incorporating a shitload of pink. and some animal print. it is going to be uber classy around here like a def leppard concert and i can't wait.

thanks to both of you for stopping by!