Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in which my memory astounds me.

due to brain powers that defy my years, i pinned this the other day on my pinterest (srsly ppl, get. on. pinterest. it is like crack for your eyeballs) and then remembered i had recently seen this rug. crazy cube art. crazy cube rug. BOOM. anyway, they looked more similar in my head and the art looks a bit like the rug had a baby with a three wolf moon t-shirt, but i dig it. speaking of three wolf moon t-shirts, check this out. if your name is audrey, laura or carolyn, i need your shirt size. i should mention that the rug is tom dixon, who i recently started stalking after a run-in with one of his peg chairs in fluoro. maybe i will do a post on that (but probably not).

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