Thursday, June 30, 2011

outdoors indoors.

while galavanting about france, i picked up a boatload of le magazines and am just now getting around to sharing some of my international finds with y'all. probably my favorite is this totally wackadoo brilliant designer/design house/store (the magazine is in french, people. i do not know what it says.) called cerruti baleri (good news: the website has english translation), featuring designs by maurizio galante. homeboy is responsible for this.
canape cactus: a comfortable colony of cactuses (aka cacti, italians) where sitting on thorns becomes ironic and playful.

and this.
louis xv goes to sparta: imagine louis xv transforming the spartan austerity of marble into a soft and comfortable sensation.

honorable mention goes to sicis nextart designer carla tolomeo, who from what i can tell, designs elaborate settee-type items taking inspiration directly from mother nature. these banquettes moi et la rose were featured in le magazine, but if you want to see the unfiltered crazy, this blog has a ton of photos and you can also just google sicis nextart furniture. 

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