Thursday, April 21, 2011

au revoir.

honeymoon in le france, y'all! catch you on le flip side... which will be cinco de mayo, incidently. we heart and celebrate all things international around aquí.
{image via this is glamorous.}

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still not done talking about it: france edition.

sorry dudes. i'm pretty jazzed about pending travels to france... especially after some serious pinterest searching, so please bear with me a bit longer. you might say that i have france in my pants? waka waka, and i'm totally not going to quit saying that, so get used to it. LE PUNS! LE RHYMES! merci. anywaaaaay, we are flying into paris, staying there through easter, and then heading south for Le Adventures As Planned By Sugarbear, or as he will be known from here on out, PORTER LE SUCRE. i have elected to be mainly surprised by the itinerary, as vacation-planning is a forte of porter le sucre's, and not mine, but these travels may or may not include some serious biz in provence, avignon, marseille, cassis, antibes, cannes, arles and so on. see what i did there? i looked at a map, that's what. i have about zero idea of what's going on in france, which is about to change soon. i do know that we will be in the hills. i know we are hitting up the coastline. i know that we are going to the paris flea market and i am crossing my fingers that we have set aside some time to watch The Royal Wedding: Return Of The King.* i will have better details soon. in the meantime, check out these great pics i scored on the interwebs. à bientôt, homies.

ps-if you have requested that i bring you a memento, and you DO NOT want earrings that are baguettes wearing berets and a moustache, please let me know STAT, because that's totally what you're getting if i can find them.

*i also considered The Royal Wedding: The Empire Strikes Back as a sequel-y title. surely there are some better ones out there? submissions welcome.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

top ten.

i feel pretty good about this.
put your ipod/itunes on shuffle and note the first 10 songs that come up.

1. miles davis - s'il vous plait (the birth of cool)
2. bright eyes - hot knives (cassadaga)
3. gomez - these three sins (split the difference)
4. ben folds - all u can eat (supersunnyspeedgraphic, the lp)
5. justice - kokane (cross)
6. grateful dead - playing in the band (what a long strange trip it's been)
7. girl talk - oh no (all day) *sidebar: this is strange because just last night, b-rad and i were trying to figure out what the first song on this is... which is ozzy. war pigs. duh.
8. the telepathic butterflies - california bent (the telepathic butterflies)
9. the beach boys - shut down (sounds of summer)
10. foreigner - i want to know what love is (from a power ballad compilation album)

Monday, April 18, 2011

speaking of baguettes,

WE LEAVE FOR THE HONEYMOON OF THE CENTURY IN THREE DAYS. we will be in france for nearly deux weeks and i am just now realizing that our vacation is almost (finally) here. le whew. i needed a le break, for realz. hopefully, the rudeness and carbohydrates of the french will put things into perspective and upon return, help me deal with all the assbags who have been rubbing me the wrong way lately. plus i get fourteen days of hanging out with sugarsbears.
{horses on set. fontainebleau, france. by CLéMENCE POéSY via the lula magazine scrapbook.}

Sunday, April 17, 2011

sneak peek.

for those of you who enjoyed a recent feature i like to call I'm An Interior Designer For Realz And Here Is An Occasional Photo To Prove It, feast your peepers on installment numero dos. this house is still not safe to publish on the wonders in its entirety, but maybe you enjoy teasers? it's tough to see from this angle, but those floors are a tasty whitewashed herringbone and the ceiling is lavender.

Friday, April 15, 2011

14 days until the royal wedding.

we will be in france, so i'm hoping we can catch some of the hoopla. i saw this today and nearly fell out.

as it turns out, there are some amazing look-a-likes featured, PLUS LOUIS SPENCE from pineapple dance studios.

and if you just needed louis spence, dancing:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for my dear brother brad,

(not to be confused with my husband brad), who is awesome but having a not-so-awesome week. hang in there brother. i love you big time.

please listen to this as loud as is earthly possible and know that a giant big sister hug (a giant hug that is, I AM NOT GIANT I HAVE NOT GAINED THAT MUCH WEIGHT POST-WEDDING I HAVEN'T) comes with it. your copy of this amazing album is on it's way right now.*
*and sorry for not sending it sooner. i heard these guys for the first time when i was in london last june, almost a year ago, and have been hoarding them for myself.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

kyle bunting's technicolor dream rugs.

i can't be the only one to know about kyle bunting, right? but i haven't seen his new stuff featured on any of the blogs i frequent, so either everyone hates it but me or i'm really on to something that not that many folks knew about. ha. that never happens, but i will pretend it did this time. for those of you who are in that latter group, kyle bunting is an artisan rug-making mastermind out of austin, texas and he makes his rugs (and upholstery) out of cowhides. dyed cowhides, that is, so MOOO in color. the spring lookbook is out, and i love, LOVE the new color combos and patterns. quite frankly, that mirage y-shaped number in the brindle hide is giving me the tingles.

Friday, April 8, 2011

reader requests: personal projects.

i have been getting a lot of reader requests that i show some personal projects, which is weird. not weird because people may think i never actually ever do any design work, but weird because people are reading this blog. i thought for a long time that it was just nine of you reading (one of whom is b-rad, who i force into readership because i occasionally (all the time) write about him), but it turns out there are more of you, so thank you! for rillz. thanks for reading this blog,  and to ALL BUT ONE OF YOU, thanks for saying really nice things.

anyway, the deal with me posting pictures of projects is this: i work at a small firm, which i don't own. any pictures i have (even the ones i take with my iphone) are technically not mine to share unless we are done trying to get that project published, or if we have already posted them on our company website. while i love this blog and all, i am not about to get fired just so you can see it here first. also, we have a marketing girl in the office who i am totally terrified of and if she busted me using our pictures without permission, she would eat me for lunch like five-day old pizza. LOVE YOU KAREE. but girl you scary.

as for my house, it is always a crack-den mess of cat hair and half-completed everything, so i'm not ready to share anything yet other than photos of steve. THANKFULLY, we have a one-room project underway that is totally safe for me to post. i'm even going to bust out some before and after, so brake yourself. this particular client is in dallas, and she is super awesome. although she has great style and already owns several fantastic pieces of furniture, lauren wanted to add some P-ZAZZ to her dining room/sitting room combo, while still remaining kid- and dog-friendly. so here is the before. look at those tasty herringbone entry floors. also, lauren designed and had that dining table made by herself, people. LIKE. if it would have fit in my suitcase (or in my house), i might have stolen it. (lauren, consider yourself warned). you should see her kitchen.
we pulled some different color palette options for lauren to choose from, based on these inspiration images she sent over. boom. you like where her head's at already, don't you?
so then, because we are not only amazing designers, but COMPUTER WIZARDS TOO, we made this extremely fancy presentation. see what we did there? with the words, and the pictures? i completely understand if you start comparing me to bill gates or that stammering guy from the facebook. we probably all have asperger's anyway.
so lauren liked it, bada bing bada boom, some minor tweaking and now it looks like this. did you almost die when you saw that slipper chair? ME TOO. you should also know that the fabrics on the dining chairs are indoor/outdoor material, which means they can take a serious scrub-down. it's a great trick we use All. The. Tiiiiime.
thanks for letting me post pictures of your house, lauren! it's an internet first here at the wonders, and those really don't happen that often.