Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for my dear brother brad,

(not to be confused with my husband brad), who is awesome but having a not-so-awesome week. hang in there brother. i love you big time.

please listen to this as loud as is earthly possible and know that a giant big sister hug (a giant hug that is, I AM NOT GIANT I HAVE NOT GAINED THAT MUCH WEIGHT POST-WEDDING I HAVEN'T) comes with it. your copy of this amazing album is on it's way right now.*
*and sorry for not sending it sooner. i heard these guys for the first time when i was in london last june, almost a year ago, and have been hoarding them for myself.

1 comment:

ShannonWilson said...

I really like that song and love that my first time hearing it was as I watched the music video to it. :)