Saturday, April 9, 2011

kyle bunting's technicolor dream rugs.

i can't be the only one to know about kyle bunting, right? but i haven't seen his new stuff featured on any of the blogs i frequent, so either everyone hates it but me or i'm really on to something that not that many folks knew about. ha. that never happens, but i will pretend it did this time. for those of you who are in that latter group, kyle bunting is an artisan rug-making mastermind out of austin, texas and he makes his rugs (and upholstery) out of cowhides. dyed cowhides, that is, so MOOO in color. the spring lookbook is out, and i love, LOVE the new color combos and patterns. quite frankly, that mirage y-shaped number in the brindle hide is giving me the tingles.

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