Thursday, December 6, 2012

allz i want.

hey nerds. i have daydreamed the beginnings to several blog posts before being yanked into the reality that is my life now, where i am busier (and happier) than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, but i did want to take a moment to tell you that with the help of sugarbear, we got our tree up last night!! and the wreath on the door, and some lights in the front yard. CHRISTMAS IS HERE, Y'ALL, whether houston's weather knows it or not (it does not). also, since this is an educational blog, you should know that when your mother-in-law tells you she is getting a new tree and you can have her old one, what she may or may not mean is that she needs her gently-used tree (with half of the pre-lit lights not working) hauled away. to be fair, this tree was up in her house for about eleven months last year, getting year-round love, so that could be how the lights burned out. as for the major Tower of Pisa Lean, i like to think it's EDGY. our tree is like SLANT FACE, in your face. lean back, it's christmas. or something like that.

i will say that the tree is about twelve times too large for our house, but in the interest of having a tree AT ALL this year (we skipped the tree last year), we just went for it. i have mentioned before that b-radical is the handiest person ever (with the greatest hairdo, natch) so he was actually able to get 95 percent of those lights working and the ones that don't work have been relegated into the corner so you can't even tell. and if you can tell, we will just pour bird dog down your gullet until your eyes cross. (um, please follow me on instagram for more major adventures with bird dog.)

anyway, all this is to lead into this great video but now i've run out of time and that usually cuts into the manufacturing of witty comments, so here it is sans clever segue: mimi beltin' out some xmas tunes with questlove and jimmy fallon over elementary school musical instruments, with a bunch of kids in cute hats. please note that questlove uses the pick from him hairs to play his instrument. ho ho ho!!

{via dlisted.}