Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still not done talking about it: france edition.

sorry dudes. i'm pretty jazzed about pending travels to france... especially after some serious pinterest searching, so please bear with me a bit longer. you might say that i have france in my pants? waka waka, and i'm totally not going to quit saying that, so get used to it. LE PUNS! LE RHYMES! merci. anywaaaaay, we are flying into paris, staying there through easter, and then heading south for Le Adventures As Planned By Sugarbear, or as he will be known from here on out, PORTER LE SUCRE. i have elected to be mainly surprised by the itinerary, as vacation-planning is a forte of porter le sucre's, and not mine, but these travels may or may not include some serious biz in provence, avignon, marseille, cassis, antibes, cannes, arles and so on. see what i did there? i looked at a map, that's what. i have about zero idea of what's going on in france, which is about to change soon. i do know that we will be in the hills. i know we are hitting up the coastline. i know that we are going to the paris flea market and i am crossing my fingers that we have set aside some time to watch The Royal Wedding: Return Of The King.* i will have better details soon. in the meantime, check out these great pics i scored on the interwebs. à bientôt, homies.

ps-if you have requested that i bring you a memento, and you DO NOT want earrings that are baguettes wearing berets and a moustache, please let me know STAT, because that's totally what you're getting if i can find them.

*i also considered The Royal Wedding: The Empire Strikes Back as a sequel-y title. surely there are some better ones out there? submissions welcome.

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ShannonWilson said...

I hope you're not done talking about it for a long time because these posts are GREAT. P.S. Sign me up for some baguette earrings!