Thursday, December 9, 2010

klaus haapaniemi.

i have been hooked on and mesmerized by finnish illustrator/decorator klaus haapaniemi for quite some time, but after i first saw his line of taika (which means magic) dishes for iittala*, i moved into full-on stalker mode. i would love to know what happens in this adult male's brains to generate such beautifully odd, whimsical pieces, but i think it's safe to say that if you're from the same country as jolly ol' saint nick (and uh, named after him), you might just be magical and young at heart forever. dear (santa) klaus-i'm not even sure if it already exists, but could you please turn these trippy little unicorns and owls into some silky fabrics by-the-yard, which i will then have made into a dress? meeee-yow. love, kristina. ps to audrey-this little nugget looks EXACTLY like our other finnish crush, tomi, and they both live in london. *which i stored in my memory bank and then later registered for and now they are MININNNENE!! here's a gratuitous shot of my dishes, which i love. you are invited over to sup together, internet friends, as long as you don't mind me staring at my plate for awhile.

{if you need more klaus, and i'm sure you do, go here or here.}

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