Friday, December 10, 2010

le colours.

aside from almost dying on a bicycle during my magical trip to paris this summer, i was supremely inspired by the city's exterior palette. i may have le exasperated my gracious hosts with all my time-outs to take photos of exciting subject material like WALLS and DOORS, but the colo(u)rs were quite lovely. the parisian initiative to paint front doors blue must have been received very well, because you can't swing a petite chat mort in that town without hitting one.this started out as a 'that time i was in london and paris' post, so i should clarify that photo numero uno is of london. also, my gracious hosts, aka TPJ and audrey (also known as sweat pant, sweaty pants, business suit and no nonsense johnson) are in the chanel photo. thanks again, pals. as sting so wisely claimed, the bed is far too big without you.

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