Friday, March 11, 2011

lonny likes: march + april 2011

new lonny is out, and everyone's got their shit in a twist over it, including yours truly. here are some things i really enjoyed. i should note that the warning i received regarding la officina de wearstler was not sufficient enough to keep me from soiling my britches.

kelly wearstler's office in los angeles. Heavens. To. Betsy. like a vibrator for my eyeballs.
blue bookcases with mirror and sweet brass fixtures, plus weinrib pillows.
rad thai painting in a light room with sassy black and bronze accents.
vintage seating party and stunning wallpaper ceiling.


Raina Cox said...

Thanks of the link love, Babe. That office would make overtime a pleasure.

kristina said...

oh, you are most welcome. the good thing about not working at the house of kwid is that i don't have to worry about any larceny charges.