Friday, March 11, 2011

coming up roses.

well, lonny beat me to it (as per usual) but i've been working on a delightful round-up of all the floral amazingness that has been taking residence in my inbox this week, harkening the spring, so Here.It.Is. speaking of spring, weather here in space city has been ree-donkey-konkulous with regard to awesomeness. if you don't live here, you should give yourself a swift kick in the sweat pants.
{credit where it's due: 1 and 2-chloe sevigny and paris balcony via this is glamorous; 2-d&g floral print linen dress; 3-terrier and lobster; 4 and 5-mulberry; 6-halston heritage coral-print silk-chiffon maxi dress; 7 through 10-bisazza mosaic tiles which almost make my head explode; 11 through 13-eloise corr danch for w magazine, via the house that lars built; 14 and on-O2ND spring 2011 by tim walker via terrier and lobster.}

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