Sunday, March 13, 2011

anna dello russo for net-a-porter.

it's been collecting dust in the inbox for ten days, but fashion director of japanese vogue and (fashion) blogger anna dello russo's feature in net-a-porter's magazine is still fresh. AND SUPER WACK. you simply must watch the (short) interview with anna at the bottom of this post. she's a treasure, as i've mentioned before, and i find her fascinating to watch, especially when she talks about her fanny pack. the first look (ship sailing through the waves of hair; basket purse) is my favorite. or the look with the hair-hat that doubles as a tea party. or the one with the feather boa horse mane hair. or the one with the mushroom headband veil and basket purse-holder. BARG. i just realized she has a pink glitter lobster on her cabeza in one of these photos, so i officially cannot select a favorite. i love that this shoot also features cucciolina the dog and BASKET in supporting roles. if you saw the clear lucite purse in look 5 (hair hat tea party) and started annadellodrooling, you should check out this mind-numbing DIY over at honestly wtf.

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