Saturday, January 22, 2011

anna dello russo.

anna dello russo hates white walls and pants (a gal after my own heart, natch). these photos of anna in her (italian, i think) apartment(s), taken by juergen teller, are super TMI, but i lovelovelove the wackadoo palazzo gangi scenery wallpaper. LOVE IT. papering your home with a photo of another home is FIERCE, anna. some quick sleuthing tells me that anna's an italian stylist, possibly part of uomo vogue mag and recently launched a fragrance called ANNA DELLO RUSSO, which according to anna, will make “You smell so good that I want to eat you, they will tell you.” per the nytimes: "A woman in her 40s who maintains the figure of an 18-year-old through disciplines a sadhu could admire (that is, if he had a subscription to Purple, the relentlessly hip fashion journal in whose latest issue Manuela Pavesi has photographed Ms. Dello Russo in all her sinewy glory, and very few clothes). Regardless of what the clock says, Ms. Dello Russo dresses as if it were always time to head out for the clubs. She changes clothes many times in a 24-hour span and that perhaps is why she is among an elite group here that is famous in Japan."

her fragrance commercial and the making of the commercial are also below, should you need to see more of her swanky pad.

{via decorno and w magazine.}

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