Wednesday, December 9, 2009

shopping cats.

today while doing some online shopping on one of my favorite websites (zappos, and yes, i've made it to VIP status), i received a message from a magical creature called SEARCH KITTY. it seems that whenever you've searched for something zappos cannot find, they employ SEARCH KITTY, who delivers the news in baby talk, from his adorable perch inside a shoe box, while making a few suggestions of other things you might like (based on past searches). if the everyone could start delivering messages via search kitty, i think we'd all be a little happier, don't you?
for those of you not able to see, the search kitty is relaying the following message:
Zappos Search Kitteh iz sorry! He hopez dis page will halp u find stuff maybe jus lil bit bettr!

which reminds me.... this isn't the first helpful cat i've met. miss sydney lynn, the cat daughter of my roommate audrey, was also a real wiz when it came to shopping assistance. i've located a letter sydney lynn wrote to one of the assholes i used to date, and her penmanship is impeccable.
it goes without saying that i haven't had much to write about for a few days. not that this isn't worth reading... because if you can't find something funny about the fact that audrey and i pretended to be her cat and wrote a letter to someone i was dating, or the fact that i have obviously saved this letter for over four years, then i'm not sure you're going to like my blog.

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