Friday, July 30, 2010

big red.

i have always thought red hair was pretty awesome, dating back to my steamy first-grade relationship with one cody burkholder and my life-long obsession with anne of green gables, but these two gals really make the rest of us look like trolls. let's hear it for gingers. 2% of the world's population is looking 100% awesome.{16-year old olivia bee for twigs and honey via elizabeth dye}

{nicole kidman via dlisted}

it should be noted that one time, a blind person told me that i looked just like nicole kidman, and although i look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like her, in departments Hair, Body or Face, i have always treasured that compliment as one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.


Brad said...

One time in highschool I was wearing my letterman jacket and a homeless man stopped me and told me that I "looked strong" and that he thought I would win the championship.

kristina said...

you have some of the best run-ins with the homeless. MORE HOMELESS STORIES PLEASE!!