Friday, July 30, 2010

hats off to dancing.

in the midst of all the wedding stress and regrets upon Not Eloping, i have found a silver lining to the cloud i like to call WEDDING PREPARATIONS CAN SUCK IT DOT COM, also known as WHAT THE FUCK WERE WE THINKING. as it turns out, deeeeeeeep down, i am still extremely excited RE: wedding due to the dancefloor mash-oligist that will be responsible for the blisters on everyone's feet come october 24th: the human jukebox, aka michael antonia. aside from being really good on the ones and twos (dj words!), THJ routinely surfaces in some of the more rad headgear i've ever seen. don't worry-i've already requested that the chapeau du jour accompany the human jukebox to austin. BYO dr. scholls.
{kick-ass photos of max and margeaux's wedding by our labor of love}

in the event that you (have also become jaded and) are (no longer) looking forward to my wedding (either), here are some things you can anticipate seeing. of course, these were taken when i was a mere guest book attendant. obviously, as the bride, i plan to turn the Volume On My Moves up a few notches. after all, it's about to be me o'clock.

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east side bride said...

be careful. when MA deejayed brokeass bride's wedding SHE BROKE HER ANKLE on the dance floor.