Sunday, August 22, 2010

cigars, silhouettes.

i've been a pretty big fan of silhouettes since, say, EVER, but i have renewed my undying love and devotion of le silhouette lately, and i won't lie-it's been going p-r-e-t-t-y well. the RE: incarnation of my profile fascination first began after i tracked a vintage silhouette to give a friend of mine (shout out to beBOP!) who collects them. for those of you living under a rock, here are some vintage silhouettes:then silhouettes started popping up on everything. and by everything, i pretty much mean wedding invitations and tote bags. green wedding shoes has a pretty extensive round-up of silhouette use at weddings, if you choose not to believe me. anyhow, as per usual, i decided that i could probably MAKE some silhouettes. you know, since i have giant sacks full of extra time laying around, and shouldn't be spending any of this "free" time doing stupid things like working out or planning a wedding... but turns out, i can make silhouettes (please note use of bold and italics for emphasis). pretty rad silhouettes, ifidosaysom'self, in a relatively short amount of time. AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO. i made a handful for my good friend bebop (aka audrey's mom) after i found a simple, straightforward tutorial here, and i have to say... this might be the cheapest, easiest DIY i've tried. as a bonus, it is also the easiest way to convince people that you are the most talented artist in the entire world. which comes in handy, since our wedding invites will now be receiving custom postage. (dear usps, your 61-cent stamp collection blows donkey balls. hugs n' kisses, kristina) anyone recognize these two lovebirds? it totally looks like we are staring into one another's eyes... and not like these are heads from two different photographs. SO ROMANTIC. it would also appear that we don't have extra turkey-waddle fat hanging out under our chins. thanks, computer.

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

Bebop will be THRILLED with the shout-out. Feeling prrrrretty good about those stamps. Zazzle, indeed.