Sunday, November 1, 2009

good news, world.

i'm blogging. or at least, i am going to try. i am very good at starting projects and not finishing them, so consider yourselves warned. it's like i've told all my ex-boyfriends: don't go falling in love with me. anyway, i would like to go ahead and dedicate this blog--and quick sidenote: i really, really hate that word a lot. online diary, how about that? was that not considered, when we were coming up with names for this type of information-sharing? the oh-die. i could be writing on my oh-die right now. or o'die. both so much better than blog. end sidenote--to my dear friend audrey, who would get to hear more of my commentary on life, had she not moved her ass to effing LONDON. on the upside, i have a friend who lives in london, so suck it.

what else do you cover in your first blog post ever? content? more good news: i'm not sure about that yet. i can tell you this much: i cuss a lot. there is a 100% chance of swear words and occasional unladylike-ness on here. also, i have an opinion on just about everything, and i like to make lots of jokes. some land better than others. i like to make things. i'm really, really crafty. as in, there is a room in my house that is giving the middle finger to hobby lobby, michael's and joann's. i'm an interior designer, so that might come up. i'm engaged, so when i mention him, am i supposed to give him a code name? suggestions welcome (sweat pant, i expect a list from you). i happen to own the most adorable dog in the whole wide world, and his name is steve buscemi. steve has a sister named ginger, but she's kind of a crack head. if you're into crack heads, you would love ginger.

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Courtney said...

Thanks so much for the note and, yes, I do believe I totally met you outside Brian Neal's place. Welcome to this "online diary" world and can't wait to keep up with your posts!

audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

FINALLY. Good grief, it's about mothuh-f-ing time.
I was watching 'Julie and Julia' the other day. Adorable movie. Meryl Streep has done it once again and Amy Adams, you are precious. Even with that heinous haircut.
But here's what: the whole movie is based on this chick and her completely BOOOOOOORING blog. I have never personally read her blog, so I may be speaking out of turn here, however I would imagine that the movie people would select the juiciest of juicy blog excerpts for the big screen. I'm no producer, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. And this lame blog got a book AND movie deal.
So...Kristina, let me remind you of a little pact we made a few years back: whichever one of us becomes famous first WINS and the other one gets to ride said famous person's coat tails and live happily ever after. I'm fairly certain this blog is our golden ticket, so don't f-it up. No pressure, but mama needs a new pair of shoes. Preferably of the Louboutin variety.
I HEART your blog. Keep it up. Even if we don't become famous as a result. At least we'll be entertained.