Tuesday, August 31, 2010

le wedding cape.

EGADS. i posted some pics previously from the cherry blossom girl's wedding, with little to no explanation, other that style was in le house. i'll admit, i pretty much had no idea of the details surrounding this internet sensation, and i simply couldn't take the time to attempt a french-to-english translation, because ALL of the blogs and websites that had info on this thing were french or something, and TRĂˆS SLOW. i just presumed one of the bridesmaids was the bride, or maybe it was a lady-plus-lady marriage union... but those were apparently just the bridesmaids. so i had no idea, until today, that the bride wore an EFFING WEDDING CAPE. a cape made of TULLE, instead of a veil.

pretty clever, you french minx. i'll be adding at least one attempt at this to my nightmare of a DIY list. perhaps it can be a getaway veil? because my actual veil is pretty rad, and this would totally cramp my redonkulous necklace plans.{cherry blossom girl via 100 layer cake}


audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

Mmmhmmm. Love le cape du tulle. If Austin Scarlet were to marry Ghostland Observatory, this is TOTALLY what he would wear.
**Also**see that quirky redhead in the back there? That's EXACTLY what I want to look like in your wedding. Let's make this happen.

kristina said...

did you see the other pics of aforementioned sultry bridesmaid? she's like a smug, bespectacled anne hathaway with a sick mop of red tresses, aka supa awesome. you will need to byo-bangs, but i can loan you the black frames i stole from london.