Sunday, August 15, 2010

caving in.

the walls of my soul came crumbling down today. and by that, i of course mean that i went to itunes and downloaded the ENTIRE justin bieber album: my world 2.0 (bonus track version), including the digital booklet. so it's official: FOR NOW, the biebs has weasled his way into my heart via my ears (i certainly hope this doesn't mean i'm secretly longing for a baby). i blame this breakdown on my office Muzak situation, where the music station is either tuned to Le French Rap, or some sort of pop-ish station that plays ke$ha, that bullshit soulsister song by train and beiber two-fers. anyway, i kind of don't care what you say, because that shit is CATCHY and has been stuck in my head for a week. how old is that kid anyway? eleven? i wonder how many pedophiles have bieber fever.

in the event that my indie music-loving cred is on the line, i am compelled to mention that i also downloaded the following.

arcade fire-the suburbs (the whole album). mind boggling. face melting. circuit breaking. TWIST: b-rad bought me this ON VINYL (because he is awesome). who wants to come over, lay on the floor and listen to the inaugural spin with me, 1968-style? you'd better hustle.

yacht-psychic city

danger mouse and sparklehorse (feat. the flaming lips)-revenge

best coast-boyfriend

but i won't lie: i've had that bieber on repeat. just call me pete townshend.

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