Tuesday, January 5, 2010

swear words = fun, or donkey wedding.

unless your local postal carrier hates you, you should have received a save-the-date from brad and i by now. but i wanted to put these on here anyway, because i find them hilarious. (obvious bias on my part.)
fortunately, the donkey theme doesn't end with the save-the-dates: i still get to dance my ass off at the wedding. for those of you not familiar with my dance moves, they basically involve me, making an ass of myself to the beat. ASS JOKES! hee-haw.

brad and i are not exactly what i'd call 'traditional wedding' people, and while we take the vows seriously, we struggled to embrace THE EXCITEMENT you are supposed to have about planning a wedding. and then we remembered that audrey's mom owns miniature donkeys. EXCITEMENT ENSUES. correct me if i'm wrong, but i sometimes get the impression that weddings are mainly for delicate, mannerly and refined gals who enjoy diction, poise and thinking before they speak. good news, fellow clods: weddings are for everyone. even clumsy, foul-mouthed gals like you and me.

our photos were taken by the TREMENDOUSLY talented stella and brian of stella alesi photography in austin, texas. every photo they took of us is fantastic, and you can't even tell that i have orange fake tan spots all over me (well, maybe if you look closely).

for the record, i made brad wear those mustard-colored socks. he will tell you that he would have preferred black, but black didn't match the flowers in my hair, his fancy hat or the tie i rounded up.


Meredith said...

I did love this save the date. I am glad you told us this shot was set up, I was beginning to wonder what you and Brad were doing in the middle of a field with your luggage and some donkeys. What else might be funny is to somehow incorporate the goat into your wedding plans. I wonder who ended up with that goat costume Audrey made? For the right price, Scott might agree to wear it to the wedding. Or even better, you could have the minister wear it.

XO, Sista!

east side bride said...

um. you don't look like a fattie to me. you look SLAMMIN.

Michelle said...

this is truly rad. can't wait to see your asses at the wedding! and for the record, i agree, mustard socks were 100% necessary.