Thursday, January 7, 2010

things to work on in 2010, number 4.

when i was a wee lass (meaning gangly, awkward mess, ages 3-19), i loved reading. often, i would get into trouble for having my 'nose in a book' (cheryl's words, not mine) because i would be so wrapped up in the adventures of the bobbsey twins that i'd forget to do my chores. book-it feared me. they couldn't make personal pan pizzas fast enough. anyone else ever been in trouble for reading too much? i guess childhood in kansas was harsh. to my disappointment, i have fallen off the reading rainbow, and hardly ever crack a book these days. BOO. so this one is easy.4. read more, drink less. by the way, i'm stopping at four. if i've learned anything, it's that you have to set realistic and attainable goals.

i guess i'll start with the picture of dorian gray, by oscar wilde, shown in the bottom right. i got it for christmas, and plan to collect all the rest of these lovelies, designed for penguin by the brills coralie bickford-smith. after that, my books should be ready to pick up at the LIBRARY. yeah, that's right. i said library. guess who just registered for her new library card online? in space city (aka houston) you can get your own library power card here. you can reserve books and have them sent to the location of your choice, AND they have books on tape. who wants to go on a road trip?

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