Tuesday, January 5, 2010


hi, Money? yeah, this is Wallet. looks like we don't need you to come in this week. could you just go down to the cash register at anthropologie? exactly... the same place you went last week. and the week before.
(frye woven reeds boots)

to be fair, i have two pair of frye boots already and i wear them all the time, all year long. the only way i could wear them more is if i had four feet instead of two, and could wear both pair at the same time. they are hands DOWN the best investment ever. i think my cost-per-wearing is in the hundredths of a cent, probably less, but decimals kind of confuse me. what? you don't know what a cost per wearing is? were you not in our nation's greatest youth program, 4-H? head, heart, health and hands, people. take the cost of what you purchased, divide by number of times you estimate to wear that item, and you'll have your cost per wearing. this simple math equation is especially helpful when you have a common-law husband who keeps an eye on the bank account.

{via anthropologie and the vinland valley 4-H club of douglas county, kansas}

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Meredith said...

ummmm, hello funny lady. I def. use the "cost per wearing" ratio frequently in the west household. it's how i scored these boots.


and yes, I paid full price. you know they're awesome.

love you much.