Saturday, June 12, 2010

going to the cathedral, gonna get married.

for awhile, i've been agonizing over what to do for a wedding veil. not real agony, mind you, but the kind of agony you have when you are a) a super crafty person who can make wedding veils, and b) have made veils for several other brides, and c) have no intention of spending upwards of $250 for one to go on your own head because d) your common-law husband slash fiance would have a serious, dealbreaker problem with that. i really thought it was in the cards for me to wear one of those kicky birdcage veils, with the flowers and the rhinestones, but as it turns out, i was mistaken.

turns out, after i saw photos of (way amazinger) fellow blogger persephone (and steve)'s wedding, photographed by (also extremely fantastic) fellow blogger peonies and polaroids, that i should be wearing a double cathedral-length veil. for the record, those blogs are what possessed me, peonies and polaroids, and lillian and leonard, respectively. so come october, i'm going to be sporting THE BIGGEST VEIL YOU'VE EVER SEEN, which will fall into my 'something borrowed' category; credit: persephone. future updates will be given regarding the etsy vendor that i'll prolly recruit to make said veil, since i've had it Up. To. Here. with my DIY wedding projects, but for now, please enjoy these extremely delightful shots of mongo cathedral veils. persephone, shot by peonies, is first. what a dish, right? and srsly, that top hat and the gloves on mom.... nine kinds of awesome.


Kiki said...

That's right - wear the heck out of that veil, I say!! PS. will make one glamazon, veil wearing, looking like you're 13 again (aka micro who? - if you know what I mean), kind bride..


Kiki said...

guess what?? I have just given you an outstanding blogger award, you thang!!! Go check it out...


What Possessed Me said...

DO IT! It's all kinds of fun, though I warn you that after the ceremony you will want that thing OFF so you can dance and mingle and get around without a seven-year old holding your veil everywhere you go. So plan for a little hair ornament or flower to decorate your 'do once you remove the veil. I didn't think about this until 50 seconds before I had to leave the house.

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out!