Saturday, June 12, 2010

guatemala, guatemala.

hola. i mentioned yesterday (and may have done a little freestyle rapping at the el tiempo table) that i know all the capital cities of all the countries in latin and south america (los todos). although the depths of my brain and memory know no bounds, i owe it all to this little number, el 'rock' del las capitales by pam kaatz of color connection. my high school español teacher, señora wittry, played this about quatro times a day, and the tune has a way of staying with you. for all you educators, el 'rock' starts with south america; fast forward to the 3:30 mark for central america. dedicated to audrey. ps: managua, nicaragua; panama, panama.

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Anonymous said...

hilarious, because you are right about this tune sticking with you. i can still do the entire thing after all of these years, and happened to get out of bhs with this on a tape, which jonathan also now knows. we make reference to it all the time. i may or may not have even kept the tape when i sold the monte carlo, but knowing that it's on youtube will help me part with it.