Friday, April 16, 2010

DAMN YOU TO HELL, kate spade.

who do i have to sleep with around here to locate some fashion? i have been looking everywhere-EV. ERR. REEEEE. WHERE-for this effing adorable top that i saw about a month ago in an ad for GLEE, worn by lea michele, aka rachel. but no dice, no cigar, no luck, no adorable shirt with puffed sleeves and a big bow on the front for yours truly. and i really, really wanted it. see? see how i tore the ad from my us weekly, and spilled something on ms. michele's legs in my desperate search? and that may or may not be a coffee ring on the top. i had completely given up, but then, as i'm watching glee on dvr last night, what should rachel be wearing during her lionel richie number with jesse st. james? kate spade's radcliffe yard joannie sweater, that's what. which is now sold out, so thanks a mil, k-spade. i guess i'll head over to ebay, you cold-hearted purse-making hoebag. should anyone feel compelled to make this dream a reality for me, i can wear any size other than small.

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

Uhhh, pretty sure you could whip up that top in t-minus 30 minutes. Give me a break. Kate Spade's got NOTHIN on you, friend.