Thursday, April 15, 2010

packrat chic.

a girl at my new job (an interior design firm) asked what my house was like. as in, what style do i adhere to, personally... i don't know if she really understood my packrat chic description. but is there a better way to say i like all kinds of shit, in piles and on shelves and on the walls, everywhere? C-L-U-T-T-E-R. like this, but my house is not quite this amazing. if i weren't so stinking busy, i would locate a camera and take some explanatory photos. SIDENOTE NUMERO UNO: is that a friggin' disco ball chandelier in the background room? yum. SIDENOTE NUMERO DOS: i am taking my 'introduction to creative serging' class on saturday. plan on seeing LOTS of awesome pillows around my casa and possibly on this bloggity as well. SIDENOTE NUMBER THREE: if you get a serger for christmas, you might not get to use it until DAMN NEAR MAY. unless you arrange for private serger lessons, which i did not.

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

Guess who needs and LOVES adorable throw pillows for his sofa? Taylor Price Johnson, that's who.
So feel free to send us all of your reject pillow projects. We'll TAKE'EM.

PS - to all of the faithful WWNC readers out there who have not had the sheer privilege and DELIGHT to have seen Kristina Babyface Wilson-Luebe's crib in person, know this: It is melt-your-face-off ahhhhmazing. Especially the knick-knack shelves. And guest bedroom.